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Every dish requires its own wine; should it be red or white wine? Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. So it would be nice to get some advice from someone who knows their wines. But how do you get this same service online?

To simplify the process of buying wine online, was created. A special website with an interactive video that provides visitors with the same advice they would receive in-store. Once a visitor finds the right wine, it can be purchased immediately from the video.


  1. To increase the conversion rate.
  2. To simplify the purchase of wine online.


This video is in Dutch


Step 1: Wines

Together with the founders of the website we assessed which wines should be included in the video.

Step 2: Flowchart & Production

Next, questions were formulated that would lead to specific wines. These questions and the eventual choice in wine were converted into a flowchart. Last but not least, the option to immediately purchase the wine from the video was added.

Step 3: Website

A special webshop was created in order to publish the interactive video online. Within the video the visitors answer questions that lead to a specific choice in wine. Next, the visitor is able to purchase that wine by clicking in the video.


A special webshop was created to assess how best to translate the in-store advice to online shopping. This advice came in the shape of an interactive video, also giving the possibility to buy wine by clicking inside the video, boosting the conversion rate. Consumers get advice by answering questions. This way the ease of online shopping is combined with the pleasure of offline shopping.


Video is an excellent way to communicate, but is still very static. By adding interactivity, you can include the viewer, as he or she decides what information is shown.

- Jurgen van Teeffelen - Co-founder

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