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Blue Billywig Suggests

Optimal distribution - enhanced engagement

With Blue Billywig Suggests, media owners can seamlessly add related content pieces across every single article based on context. With a simple integration and whilst keeping full control over the type of suggestions that will be made to users.

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Blue Billywig Suggests Analytics

Increase your video ads performance

Implementing Suggests will lead to a massive boost in views, thus enhancing monetization opportunities and a boost in revenue. Blue Billywig offers features that enable smart playlists to be formed from metadata, which can then be run on relevant site sections. This ensures users have the possibillity of viewing related content on every article.

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Client case

Aller Media is one of the largest Publisher houses in the Nordics, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It publishes Elle, Billedbladet, Familie Journal, Femina, Se og Hør and Spisbedre which are read by millions of people.

video revenue growth
completion rate increase
increase in views

Peter Doe, Head of Programmatic at Aller Media - 

"By utilizing Blue Billywig's entire video stack, we've successfully built out our video monetization strategy and have created a strong offering for our content, native, instream and outstream solutions which we've rolled out across our sites."

Blue Billywig Suggests Analytics

Increase Views

On average, around 50% of news articles contain a specific video clip. This percentage only decreases further on other content types, such as classifieds and e-commerce titles. Suggests can boost video content plays by up to 40% while also significantly increasing the revenue potential from advertising.

Ad Only Autoplay

Combining Suggests with our Ad Only Autoplay feature can increase ad revenue instantly by more than 100%, while limiting streaming costs for when content is not being monetised.

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