Increase your reach and your revenue

Increase your reach and your revenue

Less than half of articles contain a specific video clip, so how can you monetize the ones that don’t? That’s where we come in. Use your existing video library to boost video monetization inventory on your site with related clips, or take advantage of our content library to fill in the gaps.

May we suggest you try our Suggests feature?

Generate additional supply

While you increase your content views with Suggests, we also make it easy to boost to your instream supply numbers. Maximize the revenue potential of your content streams by using Ad Schedules, which let you insert instream ads into pods that can be inserted into your content as you see fit.

Autoplay, optimized

Activate our unique ad detection feature in combination with Suggests, and show content to viewers if a preroll is available. Increase your supply numbers without adding on unnecessary streaming costs.

Ready to increase your inventory with content that your audience will love?