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Intertoys, founded in 1976, is the leading toy retailer in the Netherlands. With a rich history spanning nearly five decades, and with over 200 stores, Intertoys has become a trusted destination for families seeking a wide range of high-quality toys, games, and entertainment for children of all ages.

Industry Retail
Company size 650 employees
Headquarters Netherlands


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Intertoys Launches Personalized Birthday Videos

To make birthdays even more special, Intertoys launched personalized birthday videos created using our platform. These videos are a unique and heartwarming way to celebrate a child’s special day, and are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Parents and other gift-givers can create personalized birthday videos for their children on a dedicated landing page.  By simply inputting key details like the child’s age, interests, and name, our advanced technology can generate a fun and unique video that adds a magical touch to the birthday celebration.  These videos can be easily downloaded and shared. 

Beyond the joy that personalized birthday videos bring to families, our platform also provides Intertoys with valuable insights into its customer base. This collaboration goes beyond simply creating personalized videos; it’s about understanding the preferences and interests of Intertoys’ customers. By offering these tailor-made experiences, Intertoys can not only delight its customers on their birthdays, but also gain a deeper understanding of its audience.

Join the celebration, explore the magic of personalized birthday videos, and witness the seamless integration of creativity and data-driven insights. Create your own video here or watch an example video below.

Please note, this video is in Dutch