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Video Content Management

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Video content management

Serious about video strategy? Then it’s essential that you can manage and administer your videos in the most efficient way. Whether it’s adding, organising, categorising or retrieving videos - our Online Video Platform simplifies the process of video content management.

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What is Video Content Management?

A video content management system (video cms) offers a solution for managing, publishing and analysing your videos in a well-organised way to make video publishing and distribution easier. A video cms ensures that your videos are efficiently hosted and transcoded. In addition, you can easily search videos within your library, create playlists and edit videos.

Why use a Video Content Management System?

Organisations that are serious about their video strategy, benefit from incorporating a system that focuses mainly on video content management, as it allows them to get even more out of their video content. It's easy to integrate a video cms in a current workflow with other systems. Read all about the extensive possibilities our video management system has to offer.

Uploading and encoding in video content management system

Quick and easy uploading and encoding

Video content management starts with uploading your video content. Drag and drop your video or select multiple videos to upload at once. Encoding is automatic, meaning that every video is converted into the most suitable format for the screen and device it is viewed on. Encoding takes place in the Cloud. This ensures that dozens of videos can be converted simultaneously with quick turnaround time, making publishing and distributing videos even easier.

Create and edit subtitles

Adding subtitles and closed captions to your videos ensures accessible content and an optimal user experience for your viewers. With the Subtitle Editor, you can easily create new subtitles and edit existing subtitles directly within the platform.

Subtitle editor in vimeo cms
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Organise video content in playlists

Organise and filter with playlists

Video content management is made even easier with playlists that allow you to organise and structure your video content. Dynamic playlists allow you to build playlists containing videos that meet certain criteria. For example, a playlist that is always up-to-date with the ten most recent uploaded videos or a playlist with videos that all revolve around the same subject.

Combine playlists with Channels to structure your video content in a clear way, offering the most relevant content in a unified place and making it browsable.
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Always a captivating thumbnail

Displaying a thumbnail before the viewer starts a video is a good way to preview its content. Choose the thumbnail that you want to display in the player by selecting a still image from your video in the video cms or upload an image of your own. Finding the right thumbnail is an important part of optimising your content for Google.

Thumbnail selector in video content management system
Video metadata

Comprehensive video metadata

Equipping your content with metadata makes the finding, interpreting, exchanging and managing of information easy. For example, assign a video a title, an author and copyright details. Configure whether these details are displayed on the start screen of the video. It's also possible to add descriptions, tags and deep links. Use metadata for video SEO, making it easier for search engines to index your video to improve your ranking in the search results.

If you want metadata-related customisation, for example by providing multiple videos with metadata in bulk: we've got the solution for you.

With Datafeeds, it's possible to migrate metadata from existing content to the platform by means of an RSS feed or XML import.

Easily categorise your content

Tag and categorise your videos in the video content management system. This will enable you to find and group them easily and will help when analysing of a specific group of videos.

Organise and filter in video cms
Video content management made easy with replacing source file

Replace source files

Your video has been published, but you still need to make a quick adjustment? No problem! Simply replace the source file keeping all your settings intact. The new video will replace the previous one on all the sites it has been published while also keeping the historic statistics so that these remain intact.

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