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HTML5 video player

High-Speed PLayback, endless Customisation

Blue Billywig's HTML5 video player delivers the highest quality viewing experience across all screens. Our lightweight, high-speed  player provides superior streaming  experiences across all content types, such as linear video, advertisements, and interactive video.

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HTML5 video player

Premium viewing experience

Responsive player

Showcase your videos on any screen, device, browser and app.  Responsive player sizing ensures automatic scaling based on placement, and optimal dimensions for all screens.

Adaptive Streaming

Provide buffer-free viewing experiences. Adaptive streaming allows for automatic adjustment of playback quality based on available bandwidth.

Social sharing

Maximise video reach while maintaining control of  distribution. Choose the right social channels for your brands strategy.

Video monetisation

Monetise video content with all the leading video ad formats. The Blue Billywig Player supports the latest versions of  VAST and VPAID, with in-built prebid capabilities ensuring maximum revenues for media owners.

HTML5 player for video monetisation
HTML5 video player for interactive video

Interactive video

Enhance your content with interactive elements and encourage viewers to take action, such as clickable elements, PDF-downloads, video-in-video and actionable forms. Combine Blue Billywigs interactive video and HTML5 player and become a frontrunner in the digital video market.

Seamless implementation and integration

Embed the player easily via javascript or iframe, using Blue Billywig's Online Video Platform or via a direct CMS integration.

SDKs and APIs

Implement our SDKs for iOS or Android for seamless in-app playback. Access our API to create customisable skins and behaviours.

Online video analytics

Gain insight in viewing behaviour, monitor the impact of your videos in realtime and receive custom analytics reports in your inbox. Integrate simply to external platforms such as Google Analytics and Comscore. Read all about our extensive online video analytics.

Integrating HTML5 video
Accessible HTML5 player

WCAG 2.0 compliant: accessible videos

Create videos that are accessible to everyone according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Add descriptive audio tracks to your video to aid the people with impaired vision. Closed captions helps hard hearing and deaf people understand your videos.

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