Customize and match your brand

With our branded video player, your videos are instantly recognizable as your own by easily adjusting colours, logos and thumbnails. The user-friendly editor lets you create a custom player in a matter of minutes, with updates immediately visible on your website.

See how our HTML5 player can empower your video visions

Monetize your video content

Monetize your video content with all the leading video ad formats. Our HTML5 video player supports the latest versions of VAST and VPAID, and built-in Prebid capabilities ensure that you can maximize your revenue while increasing your views. After all, when it comes to ads, time really is money.

Create interactive videos

Our HTML5 Player offers unique interactive possibilities, both on desktop and mobile. Get ready to engage your viewers, empower them to take action and create enjoyable content with interactive video.

Deliver a premium viewing experience on any device

Let your audience engage with your content across mobile, web and even Smart TV providers. Our OTT Apps solution and our native player SDKs will help you become a broadcaster and show off your content everywhere.

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Your content is for everyone to enjoy

Let your whole audience experience your video content and comply with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Our HTML5 video player offers you the tools you need to make all of your videos accessible, and when we say all your videos, we literally mean all of them — even the interactive ones.

Learn more about our accessible video player

HTML 5 player devices

Seamless playback for your content

  • Responsive or fixed

    Your content should look good anywhere it’s displayed, regardless of the screen, device, browser, or app. Set fixed dimensions or let the player scale your content using responsive sizing and get ready to showcase your videos in the best way possible.

  • Adaptive Streaming

    With adaptive streaming, your viewers won’t have time to look away. The HTML5 player automatically adjusts to the optimal playback quality based on available bandwidth, resulting in a buffer-free and smooth streaming experience.

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