About Ajax

AFC Ajax needs no introduction. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they’re one of the most historically renowned and successful clubs in Dutch and European football.
Their trophy cabinet boasts an impressive collection of domestic and international accolades, including multiple Eredivisie (the top-tier Dutch football league) titles and four prestigious UEFA Champions League triumphs (1971, 1972, 1973, and 1995).

The team calls the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam home, and its passionate fan base is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve left an indelible mark on the world of football, and their legacy continues to inspire new generations of players and fans alike.

Industry Sport clubs
Company size 450 employees
Headquarters Netherlands


Elevate fan engagement with their fans by using their own platform
Provide unrivaled viewing options, both on the website and app, surpassing the limits of traditional TV viewing
Streamline workflows for rapid content delivery, keeping fans connected to their favorite team
Live stream content within the constraints of broadcasting rights

How Ajax uses our Online Video Platform

Ajax is passionate about fostering a deeper connection with its global fan base through its online video platform, offering an exclusive and immersive viewing experience. By curating dedicated channels filled with exclusive content, Ajax seamlessly attracts fans to its platform.

To further engage fans, Ajax employs a range of user-friendly player features, including a moving thumbnail for quick video previews, video highlights for instant access to captivating moments, and curated recommendations for endless exploration. Ajax ensures that fans enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience, regardless of whether they choose to stream on their web or mobile device.


Matchdays are a whirlwind of activity, generating a surge of new content that demands a swift and efficient publishing process. To streamline this workflow, Ajax has integrated its content management system (CMS) to expedite the process and reduce the time to publish.

In addition to embedding videos into articles, Ajax also maintains a dedicated video page that’s auto-populated based on the metadata of each video. This ensures a seamless and consistent publishing experience for all video content.

Increase your video reach & revenue

Live streaming and broadcasting rights

Ajax captivates its fan base with live streaming to directly draw viewers to their webpages, boosting website traffic and engagement. From press conferences to friendly matches and post-match highlights,Ajax offers a diverse array of live content, all readily available to their supporters. By leveraging their own platform, Ajax bypasses content restrictions imposed by external entities like UEFA and ESPN,  often encountered when using third-party platforms like YouTube. This ensures fans always have access to all the latest Ajax action.

A collaborative partnership

Ajax and Blue Billywig have forged a strong partnership since 2009, marked by a shared commitment to exploring innovative initiatives, including monetization modes that align with Ajax’s evolving needs.This strategic partnership is further reinforced through consistent check-ins and collaboration sessions. Monthly business reviews, bi-annual roadmap sessions, and ongoing inspiration sessions ensure that Ajax and Blue Billywig maintain a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship.