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Online Video Analytics

Analyse the performance of your video content

Get to know your audience with actionable realtime insight and advanced analytics that will help you make decisions and grow your impact with online video.

Online Video Analytics

Relevant, concise and granular statistics are essential to determine the success of, as well as optimise, video performance.  Blue Billywig's Video Analytics provides our clients with the key insights necessary in a single, user friendly overview. Whether it is content comparison and analyses, interactive engagement measurement, or advertising statistics, our Analytics allow for an in-depth review on all fronts.

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Online video analytics - Reach and content analysis

The Online Video Platform accurately keeps track of a large number of data points from videos running in the HTML5 video player, with standards such number of views, viewer demographics and the channels and devices on which a target audience watched a clip. Such statistics, among others, provide in-depth information about the reach of a video.

As well as reach, videos can also be analysed in terms of individual clip performance, such as the drop off rate and follow up action, allowing platform users to make informed decisions based on viewer behaviour.

As well as UI analytics, users have the possibility to schedule exportable reports of relevant data at a desired time frame.

Filter statistics

Dive even deeper into your analytics with the use of filters. Discover trends across various filter sets, such as device type, browser, media types, source types, locations, video category and time periods.

Content type

Media type
Source type
Use type
Clip id
Clip length


Web domain
Web address
Referring web domain
Referring web address


Device type
Operating system
Operating system version
Video Quality
Screen resolution
Mobile brand
Mobile model


Main content started
Percentage reached
Time reached
Time viewed
Custom event
Player functions

Interactive video statistics

Using interactive video unleashes a whole new potential in terms of video analytics, with measurement possibilities on every single user action within the video.  The additional engagement information can then provide a more complete sense of your viewers' customer journey.

Also, platform users have the ability to determine their own KPIs and objectives and have them tracked using our Interactive Projects feature. This customisation of KPI's means each interactive video can be a reported on in a  precise way, with which video marketing goals can be accurately analysed.

interactive video analytics
video monetisation analytics

Advertising statistics

The Online Video Platform provides publishers with an opportunity to granularly analyse their in and outstream ad performance. Fill rates, inview detection, quartile reporting and completion rates are all easily accessible, as well as all standard VAST and VPAID reporting. There is also the ability to add up to 15  third party trackers for various events within the ad, such as mute/unmute, skipping or full screen. Additionally, all interactive elements for VPAID ads created in out Interactive Ads Studio will be tracked and reported upon.

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YouTube statistics

Videos can be published straight to YouTube from the Online Video Platform, giving us the ability to compare how videos perform on YouTube as well as how they perform on customer website.

Blue Billywig YouTube analytics

Custom reports

Alongside standard reports, it's also possible to create custom reports, populated with statistics that are relevant specifically to an organisation and their business goals. Custom reporting simplifies the process of generating these specific statistics, and can also be scheduled and sent automatically to an email address.

Realtime audience tracking

When a video has just gone live, Blue Billywig's Realtime dashboard has the ability to see its instant impact. It analyses users in realtime, such as how many people are watching, what their location is and which clips are most popular.

Also, our engagement ticker shows realtime viewing behaviour, such as if a user is watching an advertisement, or has paused, rewound or interacted with a video. This works for all types of content, from interactive videos to livestreams.

Realtime online video analytics


The Online Video Platform supports integrations with all leading statistics providers. This enables clients to measure the entire customer journey and, for example,  see what actions a target audience takes before or after watching a video.

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