Keep your audience engaged

With Channels, you can create fully customized Netflix-like video experiences that will keep your audience engaged, and create the ideal environment for binge-watching! Seamlessly integrate videos into your website and apps to captivate your audience.

Empower your video visions with Channels today!

Intuitive and Responsive

Easily make changes to the layout and branding of your channels with the comfort of knowing it will look great on all device types. Build full-page channels, or smaller in-page channels that are placed within other site content.

Activate Search Options

With this powerful addition, your audience gains the ability to effortlessly find the specific content they are seeking within your channel, enabling your viewers to discover more of the valuable content your channel has to offer.

Customizable Thumbnail Sets

Generate multiple thumbnail formats with different dimensions for each video or playlist. Include square and vertical thumbnail sets to really impress and engage your viewers.

Real time analytics

Analyze your Channel Performance

Take a deep dive into your Channel metrics, and understand how viewers are engaging with your channels. Create customizable reports with the most relevant information for your business case, and easily tweak and optimize your channels to improve results.

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