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What is web accessibility?

Your entire audience deserves the same experience. Digital accessibility enables all viewers, including disabled people, to have a positive video experience. To ensure this, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG, were adopted in Europe.

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Here's how our Online Video Platform helps you create accessible videos


Captions aren’t just useful to those with impaired hearing, but also to anyone unable to play video with sound, like those in a meeting, at a cafĂ©, or on a commute. Using both spoken text and sound descriptions optimizes your viewer’s video experience.

Audio description

Audio description goes beyond the standard audio track for a video and describes what’s visible on screen, like descriptions of the setting, actions, or cue cards. Our accessible player is fully compatible with ReadSpeaker.

Subtitles and transcripts

In addition to high contrast subtitles, our platform offers downloadable trancripts that include all video elements, including interactive ones.

Textual alternative

Textual alternatives provide viewers with a short piece of text describing the content of the audio or video.

Adaptable playback rate

Let your viewers take control of the pace of the video by making the playback rate adjustable.

Keyboard controllable player

Keyboard shortcuts make all functionalities within the player accessible, allowing viewers to control the player using hotkeys.

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Boost your SEO with accessible video

Making your content more accessible benefits you not only by broadening your audience, but also boosts your video SEO, as search engines are better able to index your videos.

of the European population experiences deafness or hearing loss
visually impaired people in Europe
Girl waiting on a train
Accessible video

WCAG service features

  • No typing required

    Use ‘Speech to Text’ to automatically generate subtitles for your videos, add them to your video, and you’re ready to go.

  • Barrier free videos

    We’ve joined forces with a top-notch accessibility consulting firm to aid you in making your accessible videos barrier-free. For every video, you’ll be provided with a textual alternative, subtitles, audio description, and a transcript.

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Web accessibility and interactive video

Accessibility helps you offer the same experience to everyone, and boosts your engagement as a result. Our video player enables you to comply with all WCAG guidelines, even when using interactive video. Users can navigate through interactive content using their keyboard as the software reads out which interactive fields and actions are available to them.

Accessible video benefits everyone, not just the disabled. Be a part of an inclusive world.