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Accessible video

Accessible video

Videos that comply with the WCAG guidelines in the Blue Billywig player

Accessible web content is more important than ever for both the public sector and commercial organisations. Create video content that complies with the WCAG guidelines by using subtitles, descriptive audio, and a video player that can be controlled with your keyboard.

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What is web accessibility?

Digital accessibility means that web content should be available to everyone, including people with disabilities. To ensure that this happens, laws and regulations have been adopted in Europe, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The legislation is based on four pillars of accessibility. Content should beperceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

As of 23 September 2020, all public sector websites must comply with laws and rules on accessibility. By June 23rd 2021, this also applies to all apps. Read more about the importance of accessible content in our blog.

Web accessibility & accessible video

Make sure your video content is accessible to everyone. Follow these guidelines when publishing video content on your website.

Textual alternative

Audio and video should have a textual alternative. This is a short piece of text describing the content of the audio or video.


These captions contain both spoken text and descriptions of everything that is heard over the audio. Think of sound effects, music or location sound.

Audio description

In addition to the standard audio, an audio description describes what is visible on screen. For example actions, locations or cue cards.


This is the story told in audio and video written out as thorough as possible. You also mention any interactive elements. This transcript has to be available as a download.

Adaptable playback rate

The playback rate must be adjustable, so viewers can control the pace of the video or audio.

Keyboard controllable player

Viewers should be able to control all functionalities within the player by using a keyboard.

Web accessibility for commercial websites

For the public sector, adhering to the guidelines is mandatory as of 23 September 2020, but following these web guidelines is also important and beneficial for commercial websites. An accessible website and app improves the user experience for all your visitors.

You can increase your reach considerably by appealing to a target audience that you might not have previously had access to.

In addition, adhering to these guidelines clarifies the content and structure of your website, allowing Google to index it better--Which is beneficial for your SEO.

of the European population is hearing impaired
Visually impaired people in Europe
WCAG guidelines

The Blue Billywig Accessible Video Player

The Blue Billywig HTML5 video player already has the following features in place for creating and managing videos that comply with the web guidelines:

Audio description

Subtitles and transcripts

High contrast for subtitles

Keyboard control of the player & interactive elements

Compatible with ReadSpeaker

Accessible video player features and services

To make videos even more accessible, the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform has 'Speech to Text' which lets you automatically subtitle your videos and adds these subtitles directly to your video.

In cooperation with a partner, Blue Billywig also offers a full service to make a video barrier-free. This means that for a video you receive a textual alternative, subtitles, audio description and a transcript.

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Web accessibility and interactive video

When you embed an interactive video with the Blue Billywig accessible video player, it communicates with the reading software in the browser. This allows a user to navigate through the interactive video with their keyboard while the software reads out which interactive fields and actions are selected.

Watch the Dutch demo on the right to see how reading software works in an interactive video.

Read on about accessible interactive videos

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