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Interactive video has more impact. Get ready to create engaging video content that leaves your audience wanting more.

Interested in what our interactive video software can do for your business?

Interactive video production

Together we reach your marketing goals with interactive video.


Grab attention, make it easier to apply, and find great new talent.


Help your audience understand learning materials and keep them focused on making the grade.

Customer care

More satisfied customers, less inbound calls, and a happier customer service team.


Get your viewers involved in your content and watch them stick around until the end.


Convert more viewers and increase your sales with the ability to purchase directly from video.

The impact of interactivity

more conversions
more memorable than traditional video
higher impact on purchase intent
Interactive video still

Discover the interactive campaign success story of the Swedish Red Cross

Interactive video options

  • Overlays

    Looking for a way to boost your linear content? Interactive overlays are the way to go. Overlays enable you to add fully customizable interactive elements on top of your content. Let your viewers download a file, ask them for feedback, or even allow them to make a purchase directly from your video.

  • Branching

    Put your viewers in charge by letting them choose how they navigate through your video. Enabling them to choose their own journey ensures that they only see content that’s relevant to them. Say hello to a more engaged audience and higher completion rates.

Woman smiling

Working with Blue Billywig has been an easy process and collaboration right from the beginning. Our ideas were aligned and I felt that we were on the same page. What I really love about the platform and the Interactive Video Studio in particular is the versatility and flexibility of it.

Alejandro Ortega, Co-founder at BOFF.

Get to know your audience with interactive video analytics

Analytics overview

Take a deep dive into what interests your audience with interactive analytics. We make it easier than ever to pinpoint the exact moments that trigger them to take action.

Flow analysis

Learn more about your viewers and the choices they make as you trace their journey step by step with flow analysis in our Online Video Platform.

KPIs & reports

Set up custom KPIs and see if you’re nailing your video marketing goals. Create reports so you’ll get automatic updates on video performance right in your inbox.

Woman sitting behind a laptop

Discover the endless possibilities of our interactive video platform

Lead generation forms

give your viewers the opportunity to sign up or opt in.


put your viewers’ knowledge to the test or learn more about their interests.


add clickable URLs and hotspots to easily navigate to clips or webpages.


let your viewers take action by letting them apply or shop directly in the video.


ask your viewers for their opinion to further improve your service.


allow your audience to easily navigate through your video and encourage them to watch more content.


create a “choose-your-own-adventure” experience and let your viewers decide.


work more efficiently and easily add the same interactive elements to multiple videos.


let your audience download content directly from the video.


add videos as an overlay to provide more in-depth information.


add game-like elements to your videos to really immerse your viewers.

Custom interactivity

these options are just the beginning. Contact us to learn more about all the possibilities interactive video has to offer.

Two women watching an interactive video

Your interactive videos look good on any screen

Thanks to our in-line technology, unique in the market, interactivity works seamlessly on all iOS devices. No apps necessary.


Do-it-yourself or full-service: your choice

Easily add interactivity to your videos yourself or get help from our skilled team of interactive producers and editors. No matter what you choose, the result will always be the video that helps you reach your goals.

Let interactivity be the icing on your video content cake