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Interactive video

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Interactive video is an innovative way to reach your targets. Encouraging user interaction through an already powerful medium can have an immediate impact on your results. Adding interactivity is easy with our interactive video software.


Stand out. Attract attention from new and qualitative talent with  interactive video recruitment.



Let your viewer work and learn at their own pace with fully interactive e-learning videos.



Develop an informative and efficient service for your customers. Increase satisfaction and reduce phone calls.


From passive to engaged viewers, through the use of interactive elements within your videos.


Increase your search engine rank, generate leads and turn viewers into customers.


Interactive video player branching

What is Interactive Video?

An interactive video is a dynamic video that responds to the viewer’s actions.

There are two distinct forms: Branching & Interactive Overlays. With the software in our video platform it's easy to add both forms of interactivity to your video.


With branching, an interactive structure is added to your video so the viewer can determine what content is relevant. The viewer only watches what they find interesting, resulting in higher completion rates and increased customer satisfaction. Want to see more results and possibilities? Discover how the Swedish Red Cross uses their interactive video "Save Lives" to teach people First Aid.

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Interactive overlays

With overlays, the interactive elements are layered on top of the video. This type of interaction works particularly well for existing video content, for example, creating a ‘buy now’ button or asking a viewer for feedback.

Combining branching and overlays

It's also possible to combine branching and overlays in the same video, creating a situation where the user is totally engaged with the content in the interactive video player. They then have the ability to makes choices, completes forms, provide feedback and even make a purchase. These are just a few of the options for interactive video. To help you get inspired, we've highlighted 10 creative examples.

Have a look at the 10 creative examples

Interactive video overlay

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Interactive Video Analytics

Interactive video analytics

Interactive analytics

With interactive video data, it is easy to determine exactly what your viewers find interesting about the particular product or service as well as the precise point that triggered the viewer to request more information or proceed to a purchase.

Flow analysis

The Flow Analysis gives you a visual overview of how your projects are doing. See how your viewers navigate through the video step by step, what parts are performing well and where there might be room for optimisation.

Set up reports

See all of your KPI's and whether you are nailing those goals you set at the beginning of your interactive project. You can even set up a report that you can have sent automatically to any email address.
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Interactive video on mobile

Video use on mobile devices is growing exponentially. In 2018 smartphone-only video starts topped 50% for the first time globally. It is expected that this growth will continue. With Blue Billywig, all interactive elements added to your videos will also work across all device types. Our in-line technology, unique in the market, ensures that the interactive video player works seamlessly on iOS devices, without the need to download an app. All of our interactivity is available on mobile devices.

Discover the possibilities of the Studio, where you can create and edit your creative interactive experiences.

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