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We work well with others

The video landscape is vast and continuously growing. To help you reach your video goals, we’ve teamed up with a list of partners that are just as excited about video as we are. Scroll through the list or filter on the topic of your choice.

Amazon TAM

Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace is a header bidding platform that allows publishers to access demand from Amazon’s ad marketplace.

By combining creativity, technology and insights, we empower brands to skyrocket. This is a great time for our profession. All the ingredients are there for us to do great things together. Because if you combine creativity, technology and insights – well, almost anything is possible. We are a group of specialists who do nothing but that. And by fusing together with the knowledge and qualities of our customers, we create a chain reaction in which we continuously reinforce each other.

We are Merged Content Creators. Merged together by passion and knowledge to create commercials, corporate videos, animations and customer journeys. In a world where everything is moving faster and faster, the visual translation of a story is becoming increasingly important. With our in-house team of driven filmmakers, we create unforgettable visual stories and help clients get their message across.

UHU Productions creates high quality content that perfectly aligns with your needs, whatever these may be. Our team specializes in both tailored made productions as well as practical content. The latter we can produce on the fly, quite efficient and convenient in a world that thrives on social media. All in all, our services allow us to help you, your brand and your organization with any video challenge or question you have.

OTW is a content agency that creates engaging content that your public craves. We know that the stories that matter are those that have the ability to create loyalty – in a real and meaningful way. We can help you with content that builds your brand and drives business growth – we provide you with a clear strategy, creative depth and well-thought-out distribution. A holistic approach that helps you succeed.

The Full Frame. We’re your creative content partner. From concept and creation to impact. Team players to the fullest & nerds to the last frame.

Our Vision: Unskippable Content – at Scale. Edisen, the Unskippable Content Company, is an independent global specialist in production and marketing communications. What sets us apart is our unique DNA. We combine our legacy in the world of entertainment – bringing a fresh take on creativity – to marcomms, and combine it with tech solutions that help us deliver on that creativity for brands and broadcasters alike.

Video Agency

Video Agency believes in videos that open eyes. In stories that are worth sharing. With data-driven videos, we help organizations grow and change the behavior of their target audience. And we do this together, because together we are unstoppable.

At Maeckers we create outstanding content for every kind of screen. As a production house, storytelling is in the DNA of our organization and influences the way we seduce audiences with content.

What’s the point of having a great video if it doesn’t drive great results? Our success is only defined by your success. That’s why we combine our creative expertise with our performance marketing skills to make sure your video campaigns reach their goals, by showing your message to the right people, at the right time and on all the right channels.

Article Video Robot is a tool that converts plain-text to appealing marketing videos with animation, music, graphics etc.

Shared ID

Shared ID is an effective way to identify users and share user data amongst publishers and other parties in the ad tech industry.

SCORM, or Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a set of technical standards for eLearning software products, that makes sure developers can write code in a way that the code can “play well” with other eLearning software.

Scriptix enables content creators to make their content more accessible by adding a speech-to-text feature. Their goal is to help companies optimize their workflows and products with a safe, stable and scalable speech recognition product.

Singular.live is a service that provides professional grade graphics for video productions.

Flixier allows you to easily edit videos in your browser, from any device, anywhere. Flixier combines a powerful interface with drag and drop features to make video editing accessible and easy.

EZDRM offers secutity for streaming video services that need to be playable any device that consumers select.

Drupal is a free and open-source web content management system that helps developers and marketeers publish fast and easily.

WordPress is one of the biggest open-source content management systems that enables users from all over the world to spread their content.

As a technology-driven advertising marketer, we play out advertising messages intelligently and scalably on all video-based platforms, offering you a diverse moving image product portfolio ranging from digital-out-of-home to online video and advanced TV to a versatile linear TV offering.

We are Abovo Media. We go for real results. Using media, creative and data & tech, we help businesses grow.

Publicis Worldwide provides strategic creative and digital ideas helping clients to Lead the Change and to succeed in their own marketing transformation.

Mediafarm facilitates investment and the allocation of best-in-class resources, into development, production and distribution of high-quality media.

GLTCH is a digital and social first end to end agency, creating and delivering groundbreaking campaigns to gaming and esports audiences.

IPG is a global provider of marketing solutions that helps companies boost their marketing by using data and creativity.

Dentsu is one of the largest global marketing and advertising agencies in the world. They partner up with brands to achieve meaningful progress to stimulate growth and good.

A global leader in marketing communications, Omnicom provides brand and advertising services to over 5000 clients in over 100 countries.

GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company responsible for more than $50B in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis.

We’re a Google Video Technology Partner. After a rigorous enrolment process and intensive testing period, we’ve been accepted into Google’s Technology Partner Programme, joining a select list of the world’s most forward-thinking video platforms.

Concept delivers powerful digital ad experiences at scale.

Converge-Digital connects blue-chip brands with premium publishers in a fully transparent marketplace

The IAB SEA+India is a non-for-profit association that represents the online advertising industry in the region

Smart is the most powerful ad server and natively integrated SSP on the market.

ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, privacy-compliant identity solution to help publishers and their monetization partners to compete with these tech giants and to thrive.

The only no/low-code platform for creating, launching & managing streaming apps across multiple devices & technology stacks.

Comscore is a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms.

Magnite is a supply-side platform (SSP) designed to help businesses track advertising inventories, display advertisements on various websites, and track revenue via a unified platform.

Video Elephant is the world’s largest premium video library, connecting service, technology and content to businesses, in any format, for any screen.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is the only GDPR consent solution built by the industry for the industry

Azerion is an entertainment & media platform. They make the distribution, consumption, and monetization of digital gaming and entertainment content at scale possible.


Xandr, formerly Appnexus, is a global internet technology company that enables publishers to increase their total yield through forecasting, SSP, ad serving, and audience extension.

Smartclip deploys proprietary, custom-developed technology to distribute video advertising across all platforms and devices, controlled by ad servers.

Display and Video 360 (or DV360 for short and formerly called DoubleClick Bid Manager) is Google Marketing Platform’s demand-side platform for programmatic media buying.

PubMatic is a digital advertising technology company who empowers premium app developers and publishers to maximize their programmatic advertising revenue

Prebid, is a transparent, open-source solution that increases advertiser demand while maintaining a fast and responsive user experience.

Google Ad Manager, previously DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), provides publishers with a leading primary ad server to manage ad inventory and campaigns, demand partners and the serving of in-stream video ads.

The most premium TV marketplace for buyers and sellers, FreeWheel combines the targeting and measurement of digital with the scale and quality of linear TV.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.

AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that helps publishers and media organizations grow their ad revenue.


Adhese creates technology that levels the playing field for publishers and advertisers in digital advertising.


Adform is one of the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies and is best known for its seamlessly integrated DSP, DMP, and SSP.