increase in satisfied customers
less inbound phone calls
interactive video impressions

About KPN

Dating back to 1752, KPN began as a Dutch postal, telegraph, and telephone service and has grown into the market leader in telecom and internet services in the Netherlands.

Industry Telecom
Company size 10,000+ employees
Headquarters Netherlands


Reduce the number of incoming calls to the Customer Care department
Increase customer satisfaction
Expand the online self-service tool with online video

Why KPN chose to work with us

Having conducted research on the various offerings in the market, the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform best suited our needs in terms of functionality, quality and price/performance ratio.

Lisa Bentick, Online Service Marketer at KPN

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Watch KPN's video in action

This video is in Dutch.

How KPN uses our Online Video Platform

With more than three million customers, KPN’s help center handles massive volumes of emails and phone calls every day. Since many of their customers had similar questions, and the support center wasn’t open 24/7, KPN was on the hunt for an online solution that could boost the efficiency of their support offering by enabling their clients to help themselves.

Selecting content

We worked together with KPN to analyze their support tickets and identify the top 5 most frequently asked questions. Videos were created to help customers answer those questions, allowing them to go through the video step-by-step, at their own pace.

Tracking KPIs

KPIs were set for each video and linked with our analytics dashboard. At the end of each video, viewers were asked if their problem had been solved.

What KPN has achieved

At least 70% of customers indicated that their questions had been answered after watching the video. This led to a significant decrease in incoming phone traffic, which ultimately reduced their monthly service costs. Happier clients and a more cost effective process–It’s a win-win.