About AZ

AZ Alkmaar is a Dutch professional football club with a modern and innovative approach to the game. They’re currently playing in the Eredivisie, the highest professional football league in the Netherlands. The club’s focus on youth development has helped them to produce some of the best young talent, and they are a respected and competitive team in Dutch football.

Industry Sport clubs
Company size 650 employees
Headquarters Netherlands


Increasing engagement with their fans by using their own platform
Live streaming within the constraints of broadcasting rights
Monetizing their content through sponsorships and shoppable videos

Increase your video reach & revenue

How AZ uses our Online Video Platform

Broadcasting rights

AZ streams a diverse range of live content, including press conferences, live youth matches, and post-match highlights, directly to its fans. By using their own video platform, they’re able to avoid UEFA and ESPN publication restrictions that come with using third-party platforms like YouTube. This enables them to showcase videos on their own platforms sooner, drawing increased traffic to their pages.

Moreover, they have the ability to publish content while implementing opponent country geoblocking restrictions. This gives AZ more control over its broadcasting rights and allows it to better reach its fans.


AZ Alkmaar enhances fan engagement by using a variety of player features, like displaying related items, floating options, automatically playing the next video, and adding clickable highlights. They also curate video pages that offer an OTT (Over-the-top) experience, resulting in more video views per visitor and longer page visit durations. This provides the club with valuable insights into their fanbase and allows them to effectively manage and share their video content across multiple channels.


AZ Alkmaar allows fans to conveniently shop for merchandise, tickets, or season passes directly from their videos by incorporating clickable purchase buttons. This not only offers a seamless shopping experience for fans, but also introduces an additional revenue stream for the club.

AZ also plans to start monetizing its video content through sponsorships by displaying pre-rolls that offer prominent exposure for sponsors. The platform’s analytics capabilities empower AZ to monitor the performance of sponsored content and provide sponsors with valuable data insights.

What AZ has achieved

AZ has effectively utilized our platform to offer fans an OTT experience, enhancing fan engagement. They also effectively manage broadcasting rights while bypassing publication restrictions, and monetize their content through direct shopping options and sponsorships.