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A company’s customer care centre is often extremely costly. It can be difficult trying to reduce these costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction levels. Through the use of interactive video, companies can communicate with customers, answering frequently asked questions while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Let your customer's easily find answers with an interactive video

Solve common problems without the need for a telephone conversation or a clogged email inbox. By answering the questions posed by the video, your client will be provided with relevant information. Client's also appreciate that they can solve their own problems 24/7 and at their own pace.

Receive valuable Feedback

All clicks within a video are measured, enabling you to see exactly how viewers are interacting with your video. This provides you with valuable, quantitative information about your client’s online journey. Interactive video also provides qualitative feedback by capturing data that helps you answer questions such as- What does the viewer think of the video? Was it clear? Is there any missing information?

It's important to set up the Customer Service Centre so that it is efficient and customer friendly, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and the value of your brand.

Interested in a practical example? View some of our client customer service cases.

A few client reactions:

“A perfect explanation that can be followed by anyone. Especially handy is the ‘previous step’ button”
“Great! Really clear explanation. Even as an elderly person I can follow it and I have improved my settings :-)”
“Support like this should happen more often”

Result: increased customer satisfaction and cost reductions

Research shows that customers appreciate this kind of independence; translating to increased customer satisfaction. On top of this, there is more time created for your employees, freeing them up to enjoy their work, and its challenges, more.

The facts and figures in a nutshell:

  • Increased NPS score
  • Above 70% customer satisfaction
  • Average of 15-20% reduction in calls
  • Cost reductions
  • More enjoyment and time to approach professional challenges for your employees
  • Twice as much customer feedback compared to F.A.Q.s
  • 5% qualitative feedback

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