In this update we’ll share the highlights of our new features and improvements in the Online Video Platform.

You can find the notes for the newest release here.

New innovations for Channels

With Channels, you can create fully customized Netflix-like video experiences that will engage your audience. We’ve improved this feature with additional layout options, a more intuitive design and a smoother viewing experience on all devices:

  • We’ve added additional layout options, like the ‘Featured’ block. Put one of your videos front and centre in your channel. For example, your latest video, an important livestream or a product release video.
  • The design options are more intuitive, making it easier for you to change the layout and branding of your channels.
  • The responsiveness has been improved, so your channels look great on any device.
  • You can now see additional metrics for your channels in the Analytics section of your account.

Livestream backup

Give your viewers a smooth live streaming experience with the option to set up a backup stream. This ensures that your audience gets an uninterrupted streaming experience, no matter what happens. In case of a glitch, the live stream automatically switches to the backup stream. We’ve got you covered behind the scenes so that your viewers can focus on the main event.

New functionalities for our native SDKs

With our native SDKs you can quickly and easily add native videos to your iOS and Android apps. To make these SDKs even more user-friendly, we’ve implemented both ChromeCast and AirPlay functionality, as well as support for outstream advertising:

  • Apps that use our native SDK now have both ChromeCast and AirPlay functionality, so that users can stream your video content to any other devices they’d like.
  • Our native SDKs now support outstream advertising on Android and iOS, allowing you to boost your in-app revenues even further.

Downloading thumbnails

You know what they say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, viewers usually judge a video by its thumbnail. That’s why we already offered the ability for you to take a screengrab from the video to create an engaging thumbnail. Now you can also download these screengrabs directly from the platform, allowing you to edit them. For example, add a title or play around with colors and light effects and create a captivating thumbnail that will grab your viewers’ attention.