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Gamer Network, a Reedpop company and publisher of some of the world’s leading gaming news websites, sought to take control over the video experience on their web properties, while also looking to increase advertising revenues. To achieve these goals they were looking for a platform that wouldn’t only meet the feature requirements, but was also able to provide them with expert advice to strategically grow.

Retaining the attention of gaming enthusiasts online requires a premium environment in which to communicate to users, and that includes a publisher’s video content. Gamer Network initially used a large social platform to embed their videos, but they soon ran into some problems. They had no control over the look, feel and behavior of their video player, and they had no ability to manage the type of content recommended to potential viewers. Gamer Network was also limited in maximizing their on-site advertising revenue. These factors were key in investigating an alternative solution.

Gamer Network and Blue Billywig have partnered since 2018. Together they work to create a solution that provides full control over all video experiences on-site, including monetisation. This allows them to maintain an important connection with their YouTube channels without adding any additional workload.


  1. Control player appearance and behaviour
  2. In-house and optimise monetisation opportunities
  3. Easily integrate with existing YouTube-based workflow


Click the image for an example.


Through the use of branded players, Gamer Network is able to completely customise the video experience across their portfolio of sites. Design elements such as logos and other branding are used, together with behavioural features such as AutoplayNext and AdOnlyAutoplay, in order to improve user experience, increase video engagement and optimise revenue opportunities.



“Blue Billywig’s platform gave us the ability to own the entire video and monetisation process in-house with their suite of services. Working closely with their development team has enabled us to implement customised solutions that have delivered substantial revenue growth.”

Richard Badley, Head of Commercial Operations

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