Enhanced Performance at the Core

The cornerstone of this upgrade lies in a completely revamped core infrastructure. Think of it as a seasoned athlete receiving a new training regimen – the fundamentals remain strong, but efficiency and speed are dramatically improved. This translates to significantly lower latency, with streams reaching your audience in a mere 12 seconds, virtually eliminating buffering delays.

Taking Control with Soft Embargo

We understand the importance of crafting impactful live experiences. That’s why we’ve introduced the Soft Embargo feature. This tool grants you precise control over when your stream becomes visible, allowing you to build anticipation and curate the audience experience.


Soft Embargo offers more than just scheduling. You can leverage it to customize the player’s behavior before the live stream begins. Playout settings allow you to:


  • Set a custom thumbnail: Captivate viewers with a compelling image that sparks curiosity.
  • Choose a countdown style: Select the perfect countdown format to build anticipation before the event.
  • Customize your countdown: Fine-tune the countdown to reflect your brand identity.

Effortless Engagement with Simulated Live

Live streaming can be a fantastic way to connect with your audience, but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re worried about technical glitches or delivering a perfect performance on the spot.

Simulated Live offers a solution by letting you leverage the engagement of a live stream format with the convenience and polish of prerecorded content. This means you can create high-quality presentations without the pressure of a live broadcast.

Ready to Stream with Confidence?

The enhanced Live platform offers a suite of features designed to elevate your live streaming experience. With its improved performance, control over the viewing experience, and flexibility, you can now create captivating live streams that engage and retain your audience.

Take your live streaming to the next level – contact your rep or use the form here for more information.