Personalized video allows you to address your target group in a unique and personal way and helps you stand out from the flood of impersonal messages they receive every day. In the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform, it was already possible to create real-time personalized videos, but we’ve just added the option to render the personalization within your video.

Why should you use personalized video?

What would you be more likely to respond to–Someone addressing you as “hey you” or by your own first name? Using personalized video, you personalize your marketing in a scalable way. There’s no need to record hundreds of videos, since you can work with one video where personalization adapts to the viewer. You can also take your personalized videos a step further by adding interactivity.

Combine personalized video with your other marketing efforts, like social media campaigns and mailings. Adding personalized video to your emails leads to better open rates, higher click-through rates, and more engagement.

Real-time or rendering: what’s the difference?

Real-time personalization means that the personalization loads the moment the video starts playing. This type of personalization works best on stationary elements or ones that don’t move around much, like when a name or message displays on a card.

Rendering allows the personalization to be ‘embedded’ in the video. Instead of an overlay, the personalized elements are an actual component of the video. This type of personalization works best on textured video elements, moving video objects or surfaces with depth, like a name on a waving flag or a photo on a bottle.

Rendering: what are the advantages?

Rendering your personalized video gives you more creative freedom. By using After Effects, you have the ability to animate the personalization, move it around or add texture to it. This brings depth and intensity to your videos, making it look more natural and realistic.

In addition, rendering your video has a faster loading time because the personalization is already part of the final product. This also ensures that the personalized videos can be shared and played on social media.

Get started with personalized video

Whether you’re looking for a fun end-of-year video, a personal touch to your product launch, or a unique way to send bills: with personalized video you create a scalable, relevant experience. Get your quote for a personalized video now and we’ll be happy to think along with you.