We have some big news: we have developed software making it possible to watch 360 video in Safari, Apple’s default browser, without the need for an app. This confirms their status as a leading company in the field, not only in the Dutch market, but worldwide.

Internet giants like YouTube and Facebook have applications that enable users to watch 360 videos on iPhone. However, this was still not possible in a web browser like Safari. To my knowledge, Blue Billywig are the only company in the world right now who have developed a solution for this.

Jeroen Meeter, Managing Director of Blue Billywig

360 experience

The relatively new video format has gained a lot of popularity. The experience is especially unique on mobile devices. By moving the mobile device upwards, down or to the side the viewer decides in which direction they wish to look. The viewer can follow movement, making the adventure complete.

View the 360 video demo.

Mobile and desktop support

YouTube and Facebook do have an app allowing users to watch 360 video on mobile devices. What makes Blue Billywig’s solution unique, is the use of web techniques, making 360 video available for each individual web page, on both desktop and mobile devices. Allowing for playback directly in the browser means the experience is now more approachable than ever. Mobile users are no longer obligated to download an app, giving companies the opportunity to attract and retain viewers on their website as opposed to navigating them to an app or foreign platform. Additionally, companies don’t have to invest in the development of an app.

Interactive 360 video

When using Blue Billywig’s player for your 360 video content, all existing functionalities of the platform remain available. For example, you can still choose the style of the player, add subtitles and insert interactivity. Through interactivity, viewers are able to click on buttons, answer questions, give feedback and request extra information, all from within the video. This creates an added layer to 360 video, creating a more unique experience and giving companies the opportunity to create direct conversion and higher engagement.

Read the interview with our developers to learn more about the technique behind their 360 video.