360 video shot of lake

What 360 video can do for your business

  • Increase engagement

    Let your viewers control their experience. In a 360 video, your audience can engage with the content by looking around and changing the angles. This immersive experience is highly entertaining.

  • A unique experience

    Let viewers step into a different world and enjoy a close-up view. Combining 360 video with live video and allow your viewer to attend your events digitally.

  • Feature complete

    Combine 360 video with all the features our video platform has to offer, such as the customized player, statistics, and even interactivity and personalization.

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What is a
360 video?

360 video puts your viewer in the center of the action. By allowing them to look around in every direction, your audience is indulged in a completely new environment.

360 video on
mobile & desktop

On mobile devices, viewers can look around by swiping on their screen or by moving the device along with their viewing direction. On a desktop or laptop, viewers change their perspective by clicking or dragging their mouse.

360 video shot of the Northern Lights

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360 video recording

360 video in your favorite browser

Our 360 video player is compatible with your favorite browser, whether it’s on a laptop or a smartphone. No need to develop or download additional apps, simply press play and enjoy.

Immerse your audience