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Video gives the viewer a sneak peek into your world. 360 video goes one step further: it lets the viewer enter your world. Think for example of a travel agency giving a preview of your holiday destination. Or how about a virtual visit of your new home, the 360 experience of a concert or an event? Let’s get some inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

What is 360 video?

360 video allows you to show a complete environment in one video. The viewer gets the chance to look around, rotating 360 degrees around himself. On mobile the direction changes if the device moves according to the viewing direction or when one swipes on the screen. On desktop the viewing direction changes when clicking and dragging the mouse.

360 video in browser

Your viewers no longer need to download an app to watch your 360 video. This means your visitors will spend more time on your company’s webpage. The Blue Billywig’s 360 video player shows your video directly in the browser on both desktop and mobile devices. It works even in Safari, which was quite a challenge. Other browsers we have successfully tested 360 video in are (for both desktop and mobile): IE11, Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Experience all functionalities and advantages

An extra advantage of 360 video in your browser is that you’ll keep in charge of your own player. This means that all existing functionalities still work, for example: • Styling of the player • Functions in the player bar • Complete insight through analytics • Interactivity • Personalisation

Cubical and spherical, our player plays it all

There are two kinds of output formats for 360 video: cubical and spherical. The Blue Billywig 360 video player works with both formats. The choice is all yours. Just shoot your video the way you prefer and drag and drop the file in the online video platform. The player will take care of the rest!

How can we help?

Our experts can provide support and advice on all aspects of online video. We are also happy to manage the whole process for you from our end, including the video production. Our platform is user friendly, flexible and fully equipped to support your video strategy.

Alternatively contact us at: Ph +31 (0)  35 8 20 02 80  | email

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