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360 video player

Offer your viewers the ultimate experience

With 360 video it's not just about watching video, but about experiencing video. Let viewers take a virtual tour of a supermarket. Let them sit front row at the launch of the newest product. Or let them attend a concert. The possibilities are endless.

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What the 360 video player has to offer


Increasing engagement

Viewers are more in the lead in a 360 video, since they can literally look around and change the angles. They get more engaged with the video content, feeling like they are becoming part of the video.

A unique experience

360 videos are a special and unique viewing experience. Let viewers step into your world and enjoy a closeup view. Combine 360 with live video and let them you attend your event virtually.

Feature complete

Using 360 video does not limit the analytics. Use all the features the Online Video Platform has to offer, such as the customised player, statistics and the possibility to add interactivity and personalisation.
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What is 360 video?

360 video lets viewers look at a complete environment in one video. The viewer is put in the middle of the action, with the possibility to rotate 360 degrees.

On mobile devices, viewers can look around by swiping on their screen or by moving the device along with their viewing direction.

On a desktop or laptop, viewers change their perspective by clicking or dragging their mouse.

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360 videos in your browser

Watch 360 videos effortlessly and without developing or downloading additional apps: with the Blue Billywig 360 video player, you can watch the videos in your browser. Whether it's on a laptop or a smartphone.

A unique feature of our player, is that it can even play 360 videos in Safari. 360 video has successfully been tested in the following browsers (both desktop and mobile): IE11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Browser compatibility

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