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Your Video Goals are within reach

Engage your users, enhance your offering

Interactive video is an innovative way to reach your targets.  Encouraging user interaction through an already powerful medium can have  an immediate impact on your results.

We decided to simplify the process of online video publication...

We are recognised not only by our products, our Online Video PLatform, our Advertising Services and our interactive capabilities, but also by the service provided by our experienced team of online video professionals.


What others say about us

Jet Wieske - Ahold
Manager Allerhande Digitaal
"We were pleasantly surprised by the extensive possibilities offered by the Online Video Platform, and we greatly appreciate the collaboration. Having a partner who provides input and expertise every step of the way is very valuable. "
Richard Oomens
"We have experienced a very positive three months after introducing the interactive video. Clients and other interested parties also give positive feedback. "
Laurens Miedema - KARWEI
Manager Marketing and Communications
"We made the choice to add interactivity to our how-to videos. Instead of sending static images, we want to put clients in charge, so they only watch relevant information. Blue Billywig offers us the right, flexible tools. "
Maxime Bloemberg - Otravo
Contact Manager
"Upon meeting Blue Billywig about the possibilities of interactive video, I could straightaway see the opportunity to use video in order to reduce our workload. By partnering with Blue Billywig, we have succeeded in this, and have created three such videos in the last year. We've measured a welcome decline in the amount of questions our customers ask us via phone and email, as well as receiving positive feedback on the videos from our customers. Given the complexity of some of the queries posed, creating relevant videos was quite a challenge, but Blue Billywig really helped throughout the entire process.  "
Julian Hecksher
Julian Hecksher
Independent Digital
"Blue Billywig’s innovative video advertising solutions have really helped us increase our revenue in the past few years. Combined with a great service, Blue Billywig has solutions for every publisher.  "
Marc Friezen - Eneco
Teamlead Digital Service
"Through the interactive Toon® , our customers can independently find solutions to any issues they may be having. This results in significant cost savings and more importantly: satisfied customers . We could not have achieved this without the Blue Billywig platform. "
Sarie Jacobs
Sarie Jacobs - Samsung
Online Support Manager
"Samsung started with interactive video in 2014, taking the next step in our online customer service and our strategy of strengthening the Samsung Support channel. Working together with Blue Billywig, we created a successful test and since then, interactive video has become an important part of our digital customer service strategy. Blue Billywig work alongside us, proactively offering advice and ideas for how to boost performance further. "
Lisa Bentick - KPN
Online Service Marketeer
"Having conducted research on the various offerings in the market, the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform best suited our needs in terms of functionality, quality and price/performance ratio.  "

Online Video Platform

The Blue Billywig Online Video Platform is an easy to use, cutting edge technology platform, complete with state of the art features and functionalities. Our OVP allows that all clients, regardless of size, can avail of the opportunities the platform provides them with. 

Seamless playback across all devices
Granular reporting data
Easy to use embed and sharing functionalities
Reliable and user friendly
Customisable, native player possibilities
No undesirable or unwanted ads

Solutions for all your video objectives

Our products keep you ahead of the game

Whatever your online video strategy, we have the products to support you. Choose from our product list below for more information

360 Video Player
more approachable than ever


Personalised Video
Address your viewers

Create personalised content relevant to every viewer.

Branded Video Player
The highest quailty viewing experience

Your content deserves the best possible environment in which it can play. Blue Billywig deliver a customisable, easy to use player, supported on all device types.

Video Advertising Platform
Optimise your revenue

The Blue BIllywig Advertising Platforms offers a range of innovative advertising formats, mazimising your revenue potential.  

Interactive video
Increased Engagement

Convert your video viewers from passive spectators to engaged users. Interactive video 

Online Video Platform
Cutting edge, user friendly OVP

Import, manage,  convert, publish, distribute and analyze. Our state of the art OVP provides you with the tools to take your video strategy to the next level.