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To change your health insurance or not to change your health insurance? That's the question many people ask themselves at the end of each calendar year. To inform customers about their insurance, both new and recurring, ONVZ uses interactive and personalised video. Each recipient only gets to see the module and insurances that apply to him or her.

Since 2006, you can only change your health insurance once a year. To inform people at the of the year and help them to make a decision about their insurance, ONVZ sent them a video with personalised content. The video contains personal information about customers' current health insurance and what they will be paying in the next calendar year.

The video only contains modules in your current insurance. For example, you only get to see the premium for dental if it was part of your insurance in the past year. New customers get to see what their future insurance plan will be.


  1. To inform new and recurring customers about their insurance and premiums
  2. To increase customer satisfaction


This video is in Dutch


The video is an innovative way of communicating information about health insurance and premiums; each customer receives a personalised and interactive video that shows information that is relevant to his or her situation. This has led to as many as 93% of all people who viewed the video to give positive feedback. ONVZ uses this feedback to optimise their video content.

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