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Blue Billywig
Posted on June 19, 2018

Track viewing behaviour in Realtime

Header image for Track viewing behaviour in Realtime

Instantly monitor the impact of your (email) campaign or check how many viewers are watching your livestream. It’s now much easier to monitor with the upgraded Realtime feature. The online video analytics in Realtime are always up-to-date and offer immediate insight into who is watching your content.

Realtime replaces Audience Tracking. The renewed feature is faster than its predecessor and even more focused on checking on your viewers in the moment.

Realtime Light

The constant stream of information sometimes caused some minor difficulties in Audience Tracking, because there was heavy demand coming from the continuous request of data. This issue is resolved in Realtime, as it is lighter and faster than its forerunner. Freezing screens are a thing of the past, so let Realtime run in the background.

Instant insight

The Realtime dashboard is visually beautiful and instantly tells you all you want to know. How many viewers are watching, where viewers are located and what clips are most popular at the moment.

Want to know more about unique viewers? You can zoom in on each individual viewer, to see what they are watching and on what device.

Engagement Ticker

The upgrade for Realtime offers a new feature: The Engagement Ticker. This ticker offers a live stream of what actions viewers are taking, while they are watching the video. For example, if viewers are rewinding videos, watching an ad or if they clicked on an interactive element.

In short: Realtime is faster, more informative and always up-to-date. It allows you to watch the actions of viewers in that exact moment.