The benefits of a professional video hosting platform

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to store and share your video content with your audience? A video hosting platform may be just what you need! With the right platform, you can easily upload, manage, and distribute your video content to a global audience.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of using a professional video platform for your business and how it can help you create, share, and monetize your videos. Let’s dive in!

What is a video hosting platform?

Video hosting refers to the process of storing and delivering video content to a website or platform allowing viewers to watch it online. Video hosting services typically provide all the tools you need to upload, manage, and distribute your videos, simplifying the process of sharing your content with global audiences.

Such platforms usually offer a wide array of features, including customizable video players, interactive video, detailed analytics and reporting, security options, and monetization tools. In essence, these platforms empower you, as a user, to create and distribute high-quality video content in various ways.

Faster and more reliable video playback

A major benefit of using a professional video hosting platform is that it provides faster and more reliable video playback. Professional video hosting platforms typically use content delivery networks (CDNs) that are specifically designed to deliver video content quickly and efficiently. This means that your videos will load faster and play more smoothly, which is crucial for keeping your viewers engaged.

Maximizing Viewer Engagement

It’s important to keep your audience engaged and focused on your content. Take control and prevent distractions like ads and recommended videos from competitors that pull your viewers away from your videos. This ensures that your audience stays engaged and focused on your content, ultimately leading to better results for your business.


Better analytics and reporting

Another benefit of using a professional video hosting platform is that it provides more detailed analytics and reporting. When you host your videos on your website or social media channels, it can be challenging to gain valuable insights. When you use a video hosting platform you can get granular analytics and reporting. For example, you can track where viewers engage with your content, on what devices, how long they stay engaged with it, and much, much more.

These types of insights can help you make more informed decisions about your video content and marketing strategy.

Customizable video players

Your branding shouldn’t stop with your site–make sure your videos are instantly recognizable as your own by using a customizable video player. Video hosting platforms come with a customizable player that allows you to easily adjust colors, logos, and thumbnails. This helps to create a more cohesive and professional look for your video content and improves the overall viewer experience.

Security and privacy

Protecting your video content can be important for both strategic and legal reasons. Using your own platform gives you control over how and where your content is distributed, and hosting your videos ensures that you retain the rights to it.

This is different from most social media sites that offer free hosting services. YouTube, for example, asks you to give up your content rights and allows the platform and its users to modify and replicate your videos.

Professional video hosting platforms typically offer advanced security and privacy features, which safeguard the security and privacy of your content. Learn more about video content protection.

Monetization options

If you’re looking to monetize your video content, a professional video hosting platform can be an excellent option. Many professional video hosting platforms offer a range of monetization options, such as advertising, pay-per-view, and subscription-based models that enable you to generate revenue from your video content. The boost in revenue often easily justifies the investment in creating high-quality video content.

With your own hosting platform, you have full control over the monetization strategy. From autoplaying when an ad is available, floating the player to stay in view of the user, to suggesting video clips to site users based on page context, you decide  how and when to monetize your content.

You can connect as many demand sources as you wish, including any direct deals of your own, including Google’s ad exchange, while also embracing modern auctioning techniques like Prebid for video.

Better SEO

Using a professional video hosting platform also helps to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Professional video hosting platforms typically use advanced SEO techniques, like video sitemaps, schema markup, and metadata optimization, to help your videos rank higher in search results. This increases your visibility online and drives more traffic to your website or social media channels.

Integration with other marketing tools

Streamline your marketing efforts by integrating with other marketing tools in your professional video hosting platform. Many of these platforms offer integrations with popular marketing tools, like email marketing platforms, social media management tools, and analytics platforms. This helps you automate your marketing efforts and make it easier to manage your video content across multiple channels.

What video hosting platform is right for you?

When deciding on a video hosting platform, you need to consider multiple factors like budget, video goals, and what features you’re looking for. A professional video hosting platform can provide your business with numerous advantages when creating and distributing high-quality video content, and while it comes with a price tag, the benefits generally outweigh the costs.

On a final note, it’s good to remember that choosing to work with a professional platform doesn’t rule out working with free social media hosting platforms. Many content creators use a free video hosting service, like YouTube, to increase the reach of their videos, while hosting content on a branded player on their site to increase conversions there.

The combination of platforms only strengthens the overall video strategy. To learn more about this, download our free platform comparison guide.

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