Four new colleagues joined our growing team this February. They’ll share the job title Video Consultant and in this role they will help companies achieve their video marketing goals.

Daniël studied Commercial Economics in University and even worked as a teacher of economics, but his love for sales ultimately won. When he’s not busy crunching numbers and figures, he likes to unwind by watching a game of Spanish football or traveling to unknown places.

With Nick, we have another economist in our midst, as he studies Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He spent the last year working on his Italian skills and completing his master’s degree in Rome. He might have picked up a few recipes along the way too, as he loves to cook.

Lonneke studied psychology with social psychology as her speciality, which is the perfect combination between creativity and psychology for her. Her lunch might be a stranger combination, as she’s addicted to both chocolate and celery salad — but not together!

Jorinde previously worked as an account manager at Funding Circle and has spent the last three months traveling through South America. Balance is her “middle name”. She always makes time to hang out with family and friends, while also being sure that her next Rocycle or yoga class is booked in the calendar.