Goldbach, Blue Billywig and Luma Beef combine forces to run the first interactive shoppable campaign using the new SIMID standard.

The IAB released SIMID (Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition) in 2019, with the intention to eventually replace VPAID, a standard that was never fully embraced by all parties in the digital ad space. The goal is to create a more transparent and secure standard, while improving the performance of the interactive capabilities for digital video ads. With SIMID, playback control is in the hands of the player itself, giving publishers greater control of their streams.

While adoption in the market has been slow to date, Swiss media powerhouse Goldbach and their software partner, Online Video Platform Blue Billywig, strongly believe in the benefits of this new standard for both advertisers and media owners alike, and together with Luma Beef, the largest high-end Swiss online butcher, have run the first interactive shoppable campaign using SIMID.

Luma has always focused on creativity and innovation, not only with its brand, but also with its advertising, particularly so during the Covid-19 crisis. Luma’s interactive shoppable campaigns have caused quite a stir, encouraging online orders by shortening the buyer journey through adding items to a shopping cart within the video stream itself (example below).

All three parties involved committed to the advancement of digital video advertising, and the ability to deliver unique creative experiences in an efficient and secure manner. In order to make this possible, Blue Billywig has developed full SIMID support and made it available for all users of its Interactive Video Ads Studio.

Swiss media powerhouse Goldbach, has been dedicated to designing highly engaging video ad formats, improving campaign performance for brands such as Renault, NIVEA, Warner Brothers and more.

Luma’s shoppable campaigns were moved from VPAID to SIMID as of Q4 2020.

For Luma Beef, we extended our Brandformance television advertising campaign with shoppable video ads across our entire network. The combination of brand video advertising with a transactional format has performed very well

Martin Radelfinger, Managing Director at Goldbach's marketing agency AdManufaktur

At Blue Billywig, we are committed to supporting media owners in their efforts to enhance their video solutions. We are immensely proud to be a first adopter of SIMID, and to work with such great partners like Goldbach, who strive to offer innovative creative solutions and advance the digital video market in the process. Our thanks also to Luma for embracing SIMID with an open mind and who have now set the tone for other brands to follow.

Kevin Fox, Director Media Solutions at Blue Billywig