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About the Dutch Burns Foundation

The Dutch Burns Foundation seeks to prevent burns from happening and reduce their impact by educating citizens on effective preventitive measures and how to best handle a fire or accident.

Industry Non-profit organization
Company size 50 - 200 employees
Headquarters The Netherlands


Create awareness about fire safety
Minimum of 100,000 views
Sell more smoke detectors and recruit donors

Why the Dutch Burns Foundation chose to work with us

Thanks to the interactive video campaign we were able to let the public really experience the consequences of their own actions in the event of a fire.

Petra Bos, Marketing & Communications Employee at the Dutch Burns Foundation

Discover the endless possibilities of interactive video

See the Dutch Burns Foundation's video in action

This video is in Dutch.

How the Dutch Burns Foundation uses our Online Video Platform

The Dutch Burns Foundation used the interactive studio to create a quiz that tests viewers’ knowledge of fire hazards. The video contains a variety of gamification elements, putting the viewer in dangerous situations, asking them how they would respond, and then showing them what the consequences of their decisions are.

By using a direct link to a payment system and forms connected to their donor database, viewers are able to order a fire alarm, a fire extinguisher, or become a donor.

What the Dutch Burns foundation has achieved

The video appeared on a special landing page during the Fire Prevention Weeks. The campaign attracted a high volume of traffic: 144k views in total, via paid and organic traffic. The video also generated an increase in new donors.