About Luma Delikatessen

Luma Delikatessen is the largest online butcher shop in Switzerland. They’ve won multiple awards for the high quality meat that they deliver to restaurants and households across the country.

Industry Food & beverage
Company size 1 - 10 employees
Headquarters Switzerland


Increase brand awareness
Create new retail opportunities
Reduce the number of steps in the buying process and stimulate purchases


Why Luma Delikatessen and AdManufaktur chose to work with us

We deployed the shoppable ad as part of our television and digital video brandformance campaign. The transactional video format was the perfect digital extension of our television advertising campaign.

Carmen Viudez, Head of Product Management at AdManufaktur

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See Luma's video in action

This video is in German.

How Luma Delikatessen uses our Online Video Platform

Luma Delikatessen teamed up with AdManufaktur, a Goldbach company, to launch a campaign that would stimulate consumers to order online instead of going to the store.

They created a branded shoppable video that not only explains the online order process, but also gives viewers the opportunity to order meat right from the video. Using our Carousel ad template, the ad shows a variety of different products. Viewers are able to engage with the campaign by flicking through the carousel, selecting the meat they’d like to order, and heading straight to checkout.

What Luma Delikatessen has achieved

The campaign shortened the buyer’s journey significantly, making it easier for customers to make a purchase. The proof of this was reflected in higher click through rates and increased sales figures. The video had a completion rate of 31%, which is twice as high as the average completion rate of non-interactive outstream campaigns.

Through the campaign, Luma Delikatessen was able to gain insight into consumers’ choices and preferences by seeing how they interacted with items in the video.

Finally, the video helped to build brand awareness–even those who didn’t engage with the video were more likely to later recall Luma’s brand.

The video was the first ever interactive shoppable campaign using the new SIMID standard. Read the press release to learn more.