growth in revenue
increase in completion rates
increase in views

About Aller Media Denmark

With over 40% of Danes reading one of Aller Media’s magazines every week, Aller Media Denmark is the leading publisher of magazines and periodicals in the Nordic region.

Industry Publishing
Company size 400+ employees
Headquarters Denmark


Suggest relevant video content across articles without video
Increase instream inventory
Limit streaming costs
Implement prebid player bidding for an optimal monetization setup
Set up outstream as a default when no instream ad is available
All of the above to be achieved with a single embed script placed in the adserver

Why Aller Media Denmark chose to work with us

By utilizing Blue Billywig’s entire video stack, we’ve successfully built out our video monetization strategy and have created a strong offering for our content, native, instream and outstream solutions which we’ve rolled out across our sites.

Peter Doe, Head of Programmatic at Aller Media Denmark

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Aller Media Denmark Business

How Aller Media Denmark uses our Online Video Platform

Aller Media Denmark approached us looking for a partner that could help them extend the reach of their video content across their portfolio of magazine titles. Their main goal was to significantly increase the number of instream ad calls on their video content, but they also wanted to fill in the gaps with outstream ads as a fallback. This setup enabled them to monetize all their content, all the time.
To further boost their advertising strategy, Aller Media combined multiple smart features in our platform.

Limiting streaming costs

Aller Media uses Suggests to add contextually relevant video suggestions to articles without dedicated video content. They combined this with Ad Only Autoplay, where content only autoplays when it’s being monetized, leading to more revenue while limiting streaming costs.

Boost viewing time

The player floating option allowed Aller Media to run ads that always remain on screen, since they scroll along with the viewer. Autoplay Next makes sure that the next video item is already lined up, so viewers can keep watching.”

Increase inventory

Outstream passbacks to display units means that Aller Media always has an ad available, with prebid player bidding providing them with better yield, higher revenue, and more control.

What Aller Media Denmark has achieved

Aller Media Denmark drastically improved their video inventory and increase their revenues. They implemented our player using a single embed script placed in the publisher’s ad server. This enabled them to control the entire setup with simple checkboxes in the user interface. An easy implementation with great results.