About Omroep Brabant

Omroep Brabant is the largest regional broadcaster in the Netherlands, with its presence on both radio, television and online for distribution of regional news and television shows.

Industry Publishers & Broadcasters
Company size 201-250 employees
Headquarters Netherlands


An integrated distribution flow for presence on all online platforms; web, app and social
Offer their users a great viewing experience for both video on-demand and live radio & TV
Increase the reach of video and boost revenue
Extending presence on OTT (over-the-top)

Why Omroep Brabant works with us

In 2009, we were in search of a partner who could assist us in establishing an integrated publication workflow. Our aim was to reduce our “time to publish” and achieve a consistent video presence on the internet. Over time, we have significantly increased our use of the platform, making use of its desktop, apps, social media, and OTT capabilities to stream both live and on-demand video, shorts, and radio. We have been able to take advantage of all of these features and even monetize our content through the platform. Whenever we need assistance, the support team is just a phone call away and always eager to hear our feedback and attend to our needs.

Rik Beekwilder, Product owner Apps & Website

Increase your video reach & revenue

How Omroep Brabant uses our Online Video Platform

Omroep Brabant’s utilisation of our Online Video Platform has significantly increased in terms of viewership, monetization, and video hosting since the start of our collaboration. The platform has also improved the workflow and accommodated various video formats and online platforms.

A streamlined workflow

Omroep Brabant wanted a quicker and smarter way to share their videos across the different platforms they own, so we worked together to create an integrated distribution process.

To speed up publishing time, Omroep Brabant uploads broadcast-quality audio and video content to the platform. We then automatically create different formats, such as verticals or regular horizontal videos with and without logos. These formats are then automatically distributed to various platforms and social media channels, thereby reducing the editorial team’s publication workload. 

Increase the reach of video and boost revenue

To improve their video strategy, Omroep Brabant uses player features such as the floating player, related items, and autoplay next to maintain visitor engagement and increase video reach, resulting in higher completion rates and more views per visitor. In addition, they monetize all media content with multiple instream ads.

Recently, the addition of “verticals” to their desktop and app has been a significant driver of increased views and opened up new revenue streams from these videos.

OTT Platform

Omroep Brabant has recently incorporated an OTT (over-the-top) platform into its operations. They have integrated Applicaster’s OTT platform, which has enabled them to expand their reach by creating their own app on Smart TVs. The OVP manages all aspects of the OTT platform, including management, streaming, and analytics.

What Omroep Brabant has achieved

Omroep Brabant has successfully reached over 30 million online views per year, an impressive feat given their target audience of 2.5 million citizens in the Noord-Brabant province. They have a robust presence on all digital platforms, including web, app, social media, and OTT, and support various formats such as live, on-demand, shorts, radio, and podcasts. The monetization of videos with multiple pre-rolls per clip ensures the sustainability of the entire setup.