About Regiogroei

Regiogroei is a partnership of 10 regional broadcasters in the Netherlands, united by a common goal: to excel in online innovation.  They achieve this by developing and managing intelligent and scalable features for the collective group of broadcasters, all guided by a clear vision for the future.

Industry Regional broadcasters
Number of broadcasters 10 regional broadcasters
Headquarters Netherlands


Create a unified distribution system that includes all online platforms, including web, apps, and social media
Focus on delivering a great viewing experience for users, both for video-on-demand content and live radio and TV broadcasts
Expand the reach of video content to a wider audience and increase revenue through cookieless advertising strategies

Why Regiogroei works with us

We love partnering with Blue Billywig because they really get online video and have a deep understanding of industry standards, coupled with a clear and forward-thinking vision. Our team at Regiogroei regularly collaborates with the Blue Billywig team to explore how we can bring our innovative ideas to life on their platform. With the introduction of Blue Billywig’s latest player, our users can enjoy a familiar and user-friendly video experience, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly viewing experience on any device.

Erik Veuger, Project manager

How the broadcasters use our Online Video Platform

A unified and scalable workflow

The broadcasters use a unified and scalable workflow to automate content delivery, player utilization, and publishing of live and on-demand video and audio content across their newsroom systems. This ensures that videos are showcased consistently across all ten organizations with the same level of quality, despite variations in content delivery methods.

Increasing reach

Regiogroei broadcasters publish both live and on-demand videos in various formats on the web and their apps, offering viewers a wide variety of content to choose from. To extend their reach even further, they offer live radio, on-demand audio content, and podcasts.  Additionally, by featuring vertical or shorts videos in their apps, they cater to the growing trend of mobile video consumption. 

Increase your video reach & revenue

Player features like related content suggestions, autoplay for the next video, and a floating player keep viewers engaged with their content and on the platform for longer.

All of these activities are monitored and verified using official metrics provided by Piano Analytics.

Boosting regional events

Regiogroei utilizes all the features of our online video platform to provide comprehensive coverage of regional events, emphasizing the importance of timely publishing and live broadcasting. Regional broadcasters play a crucial role in connecting with their viewers and reinforcing regional identity.

Increasing revenue through cookieless monetization

Each video includes one or more pre-roll ads that comply with media law regulations. Importantly, no third-party cookies are used to target ads, which aligns with evolving privacy concerns while still driving revenue.

What Regiogroei has accomplished

  • Streamlined workflows: Regiogroei has streamlined its workflows by consolidating ten separate workflows into a single, highly efficient workflow. This new workflow is flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of each broadcaster, while also ensuring that all content is delivered in a consistent and high-quality manner.
  • Improved quality: Regiogroei has also significantly improved the quality of their processes and outputs, contributing to overall operational excellence.

Future plans with video – Personalized content tailored to user profiles

Regiogroei already offers personalized news content based on user profiling. Through integration with their personalization partner, Regiogroei plans to extend this approach to video content as well, showcasing related items that are genuinely relevant to each specific viewer. This will allow viewers to more easily discover new content that they are likely to be interested in and to have a more personalized and engaging viewing experience.