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  1. CSS styleable, vector based icons

    We look for a solution to render css-styleable icons that are supported by older browsers while still looking great on modern retina displays.

    15 april, 2015

  2. Skinning the Blue Billywig player #1: Basic controls

    This is the first in a series of blogs about how to customise the Blue Billywig Player, where we handle the basic controls.

    16 oktober, 2015

  3. Skinning the Blue Billywig player # 2: Advanced controls

    In part two of the custom skin tutorial, we cover more complicated user interface elements: the progress bar, volume bar and the video quality selector.

    6 januari, 2016

  4. Skinning the Blue Billywig player #3: Adapt screens

    In part 1, we created our custom skin and added basic controls. In part 2, we added more advanced controls to further improve the user experience. In part 3,...

    14 maart, 2016

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