Video content on social media captures attention, drives engagement, and has the potential to significantly enhance your online presence and marketing efforts. Use our online video platform to directly share to and reach your audience on your social channels.

With our latest release, we’ve introduced enhanced support for sharing videos directly from our OVP to prominent platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we’ve incorporated features aimed at helping you simplify and streamline your workflow:

Share videos to social channels from the centralized Blue Billywig Platform

Customise descriptions

Tailor your video descriptions for each social media platform independently. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly adapt your communication style to align perfectly with the preferences of each channel.

Pre-fill fields

Type out your video’s description and have it automatically fill the caption for your social media post. This time-saving feature not only simplifies the process but also ensures consistency across platforms, allowing you to focus on creating captivating content.


Enhance your post using the power of preview. With our preview feature, you get to see exactly what the post will look like and fine-tune your content before you hit ‘share’.

Schedule posts

Optimize your social media presence effortlessly. We recognize that ideal posting times matter, even when you can’t be glued to your screen. Our new scheduling options have your back, allowing you to schedule posts for those peak engagement times hassle-free!

View shared posts

Easily keep track of your shared posts–we offer convenient links to the posts you’ve shared in the media clip. Stay connected to your past shares without ever losing sight of them.

Sharing to socials is easily accessible through the “socials” tab within a media clip. For more details on setting up your account and sharing to social media, visit our support site.