In this post I’d like to share with you that turning your video into an interactive video needn’t be difficult. In fact, you can achieve a good result within one hour. We did this during the Online Video Event on June 25. For the event we organized an interactive workshop where we guided the participants one on one. With just a little preparation and finishing touch by Blue Billywig, the participants created their own interactive videos.

We’ve received some very positive feedback on our workshop. “A very good and inspiring workshop” and “A fun session to do for even longer than one hour” are just a few of the comments we heard.


In advance of the Online Video Event we asked the participants to send in a video they’d like to make interactive. We then designed interactive elements that would suit the purpose of the video. More complex interactivity, such as a feedback form, we prepared in advance in an App (look here for more information on Apps).

Preparation for workshop


During the workshop we let the participants combine and construct the app and other elements into a fully working interactive video. For example: adding a button to navigate to their website or social media account; adding an information button with a pop-up panel; or adding menu buttons to seek to particular points in the video.

Workshop add button


Workshop add menu

The majority of the participants added most of the interactive elements themselves in the hour they had during the workshop. This experience gave them a good introduction to the possibilities with timeline and we received very positive feedback on the workshop.

Have a look below at some examples of the great interactive videos made during the workshop. We will organize another workshop soon. If you’re interested in participating, drop us an email at or sign up here.


  • info button with a pop-up information panel
  • video in video (00:37)
  • contact request form (01:05)


  • menu with buttons to other points in the video
  • button to navigate to the website (02:40)

Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid

  • contact button with pop-up panel
  • menu button with buttons linking to specific topics on the website
  • button with a link to the website (00:50)