About Nespresso

Nespresso, what else? With stores in over 81 countries, Nespresso hardly needs an introduction. In homes and offices all over the world, coffee lovers enjoy Nespresso’s coffee and machines on a daily basis.

Industry Food & beverage
Company size 12,000+ employees
Headquarters Switzerland


Provide a manual for new customers to show them how to brew the best coffee
Ensure that customers get to know the machine and how to regularly maintain it
Boost self-service to minimize downtime and relieve pressure on customer service

Why Nespresso chose to work with us

Since the launch of the interactive videos, we have seen a significant increase in the use of our videos and in the number of customers served. This means our customers can continue to enjoy their delicious coffee. Blue Billywig offers us the right tools for this.

Nick van der Kolm, Customer Experience Manager B2B at Nespresso

Find out what interactive video can do for your customer service

See Nespresso's video in action

This video is in Dutch. Choose the options for the Aguila 220 and 440 to see English examples.

How Nespresso uses our Online Video Platform

Nespresso uses our interactive video studio to create interactive instruction videos for their wide range of coffee machines. Viewers learn everything there is to know about the machine, from brewing tips to how to react to a malfunction. Nespresso highly values the opinion of their customers, and regularly ask viewers for feedback. They use that information to constantly optimize their videos and better serve their customers.

What Nespresso has achieved

Nespresso’s interactive videos have reached more than 15% of their B2B customers. Many viewers like to learn the ins and outs of their coffee machine, and watch an average of 4 to 5 subjects per video. The videos have also helped relieve pressure on Nespresso’s customer service team with frequently asked questions.