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About Profile

Profile is the place to go for car maintenance: from a MOT inspection to a tire change, they have you covered. Using a franchising system, Profile has over 150 garages all across the Netherlands.

Industry Automotive
Company size 2,000+ employees
Headquarters Netherlands


Boost sales for the Primacy 4 tires
Set Profile apart as a brand and increase engagement
Generate leads by collecting customer data

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See Profile's video in action

This video is in Dutch.

How Profile uses our Online Video Platform

To highlight their services and the newest tire in their collection, the Primacy 4, Profile set up a campaign centered around a playful interactive video quiz. They created a special landing page and used social media teasers to generate traffic to the campaign.

Gamification using interactivity

Using the flowchart feature in our platform, Profile was able to get a clear overview of the structure of their interactive quiz. In the interactive video, viewers are tested on their tire knowledge. The video has an authentic look and feel, and features an actual Profile garage owner in the role of the quiz master. As a viewer, you play along with other contestants and are able to leave your details at the end of the video. By doing this, you can win various prizes, including a new set of tires.

In-depth Analytics

Interactive analytics allow Profile to measure every click and gain in-depth understanding of how viewers go through the video. Accessing answer data allowed Profile to gain a better understanding about the knowledge that their target audience has, and is able to use this insight in new campaigns.

What Profile has achieved

Profile launched a successful campaign–The video had a high completion rate, with more than half of viewers completing the entire quiz. Add that to the 12% conversion rate, and it’s safe to say that Profile was able to boost their video strategy using our Online Video Platform.