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  1. Who’s afraid of VPAID?

    In this first blog I would like to let you in on our advances in VPAID technology, sparked from the often-overlooked Javascript/HTML5 section of the VPAID spec....

    15 maart, 2015

  2. Debugging an AngularJS application

    Recently, we started development on the new version of our Online Video Platform. We decided to build OVP6 using Javascript, and specifically the AngularJS framework....

    9 november, 2015

  3. Dynamische content op basis van URL

    Het dynamisch laden van content kon al op basis van onder andere local storage en Javascript, en kan nu ook op basis van de URL waarop de video is geëmbed...

    21 januari, 2021

  4. Get even more out of interactive video

    3 augustus, 2015

  5. CSS styleable, vector based icons

    15 april, 2015

  6. Video player styling basics

    16 oktober, 2015

  7. HTML5 video player custom controls: advanced

    6 januari, 2016

  8. Custom video player: adapt screens

    In part 1, we created our custom skin and added basic controls. In part 2, we added more advanced controls to further improve the user experience. In part 3, we...

    14 maart, 2016