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Video Analytics

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed

Good statistics are necessary when planning and optimising your video content strategy.
Do you want to know exactly which videos are doing well, or which aren’t, to be able to compare videos? Do you want a clear overview of how your videos are performing on social media? Our Video Analytics give you the answers to all of your questions.

Video Analytics: Reach of your Video

Number of views, demography of your viewers, channels and devices that people use to watch your video: these are just some of the standard statistics monitored by Video Analytics, providing you with considerable information about the reach of your video.

Video Analytics: Content Analysis

Although the abovementioned analytics give you a good overview, they don’t tell the whole story. So take a step further and analyse the content of your video. Find out how much of the video your target group watches on average, and what action they take after watching it.

Social Media Statistics

Publish your videos from the Online Video Platform to different social media and watch, in one overview, how they perform. Exactly where are they watched and shared? Which content does well on which platform?

Video Analytics: Interactive Statistics

Is your video interactive? Then the analytics can go one step further: see in a glance exactly what actions your viewers take. How does your audience react to your video content? Each click is measured so you can get a clear picture of the customer’s journey throughout the viewing of the video and, especially important, what the client finds interesting.

Video Analytics: Filtering

Go more in-depth by adding filters. Look at trends across different devices, browsers, types of media, sources, locations and times, or compare how the different categories of video are viewed.

Video Analytics: Real-Time Audience Tracking

Upon launching a new video or advertising campaign,  Blue Billywig's Real-Time Audience Tracking  tool will display the exact behaviour of each individual viewer. This includes the specific video that is being watched and the device type used. Also, a heat map is displayed showing the precise location of current viewers, as well as their engagement with the content, such as if they replayed the content or skipped certain parts.  Real-time audience tracking can therefore provide instant insight into what is trending and where.

Video Analytics: Integration with Google/Comscore

Our Online Video Platform supports integration with all leading statistic suppliers so you can measure the entire journey of your viewers. What does your target group do on your website before, or even after watching your video?

Video Analytics: Custom Reports

Besides our standard reports, it’s also possible to create a custom report with the statistics you want to see. Do you want to know how the number of views compares to the conversion rate of a specific video or video series? No problem. With custom reports you can instantly produce the statistics you need and send the report directly to your inbox.

How can we help?

Our experts can provide support and advice on all aspects of online video. We are also happy to manage the whole process for you from our end, including the video production. Our platform is user friendly, flexible and fully equipped to support your video strategy.

Alternatively contact us at: Ph +31 (0)  35 8 20 02 80  | email

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