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At Blue Billywig, we realise the importance of your video content and we strive to deliver a customisable video player that provides your users with the best possible online experience across all devices. Simply upload your video in our Online Video Platform and let the player do the rest.

Your video, your Player, your design

A smart video strategy is imperative to your publishing brand. Blue Billywig provides the opportunity to create your video player to match your site environment and help drive, track and enhance user engagement. Add your logo, adjust the colour scheme or go that extra step - every player is fully customisable with web standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript API’s.


As a publisher of video, it’s essential that you can deliver content fast across all device types, from desktop, to tablet, to mobile and even across connected tv’s. The Blue Billywig player supports both Flash and HTML5 so that your content plays seamlessly regardless of how the user chooses to access it.

HTTP Adaptive Streaming

An increasing number of users access content online from their mobile devices. Internet quality can vary greatly for these users which could cause interruptions to their viewing experience. Thanks to HTTP Adaptive Streaming, the Blue Billywig player ensures that viewers are always offered the most optimal audio and visual experience.


From a passive viewer to an active user. The Blue Billywig player allows you to add interaction to your videos, which can be used in multiple ways and in particular if you want a user to take immediate action. Clickable elements, PDF downloads, video-in-video and input forms can all be added to steer the video experience. Also, and unique to the Blue Billywig player, is the ability to play these interactive videos inline on the iPhone.


The Blue Billywig player supports publishers in maximising their video advertising revenues. The player integrates seamlessly with all VAST and VPAID supported ad servers and advertising technologies. We also provide a unique, multi-stage environment making it possible to connect multiple advertising systems to the player. Additionally, the player itself can be used to create outstream ad formats across all content types. Read more about our advertising solutions here.


API integration lets the player fully integrate with your existing web environment. Our JavaScript player API enables publishers to listen to events like video play, pause and finish. We provide possibilities to load new video's in an existing player and even go as far as integrating your own player design to control the video.

Video in app

Do you have an app that you offer to users? At Blue Billywig, we understand the importance of providing app users with the same dynamic experience as your web users. Therefore, we’ve built our video player to provide full functionality within app environments and can provide Software Development Kits (SDK’s) for both Android and iOS.


Ensure your video content is accessible to all users. The Blue Billywig player enables you to provide a descriptive audio track for the visually impaired and a detailed subtitle option for those who are hard of hearing.

How can we help?

Our experts can provide support and advice on all aspects of online video. We are also happy to manage the whole process for you from our end, including the video production. Our platform is user friendly, flexible and fully equipped to support your video strategy.

Alternatively contact us at: Ph +31 (0)  35 8 20 02 80  | email

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