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You talkin’ to me? – Taxi Driver

Delivering a message that resonates with all your customers is a near impossible task. With personalised interactive videos, Blue Billywig offers an opportunity to communicate to each customer seperately, making content relevant for each individual viewer. With personalised video, your viewer never has to ask: You talkin' to me?

What is a Personalised Video?

Personalised interactive videos provide the opportunity to send personally adapted video content to your clients. The video content is completely tuned to the needs of the unique viewer. Our interactive videos come with numerous possibilities to create a more personal experience for the viewer. We’ve defined the following types of personalisation:

  • Personal text
    Address your client in the video by name. Take it a step further still by using information specific to your client.
  • Scene personalisation
    Having viewers identify with what they see has a positive impact on their experience. With scene personalisation, the user is presented with surroundings that give them a familiar and warm feeling. For example, various home and family situations that match that particular visitors homelife, or using actors of similar age and situation. Both example resonate strongly with a user, enhancing their viewing experience.
  • Personalised audio/voice-over
    In the increasingly globalised world, it is likely that a company's users speak different languages. With audio personalisation, the voice-over adjusts to the client’s preferred language. It's possible for a user to select this themselves, but even more impressive is the ability to adapt to that user based on their details stored in the database.
  • Personal images
    Besides text, it is also possible to personalise ‘still’ images in the video. For example, by allowing your viewers to upload a photo.

Interactive and Personal

Create a unique experience for your viewer by adding interaction elements to make your video even more personal. For example, for something requiring a complex explanation, it's possible to offer the viewer a more in-depth experience by adding clickable elements that allow them to request extra information where necessary. With this setup, your viewer chooses what is most relevant to them, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels and a higher percentage of complete views.

Real Time or Batches: Safety is Central

Whether it’s videos that you prepare in advance and send to your clients with a personalised URL, or videos where the most recent details are uploaded and featured in real time, the safety of your customer’s data is of the highest importance. At Blue Billywig, we offer a safe solution that ensures your sensitive information will never be compromised.


Through a link to your (client) database, the personalised elements in your video are adjusted automatically. The solution is therefore extremely scalable as it's irrelevant whether the video is being used for hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of clients. Each user can therefore receive a personalised message without creating extra work or incurring added costs

Achieve your goals with video

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