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Posted on January 3, 2018

Video player SDK

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48% of smartphone users prefer watching a video in-app over watching in a mobile browser. So, if you are considering using video in your app and want to implement your own technology and functionalities, the Blue Billywig Software Development Kits (SDK) might be for you. These are ready to use for the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Software Development Kit

The SDK offers you the tools to integrate the Blue Billywig HTML5 Video Player into your app. The kit lets the Video Player communicate with the app, offering similar functionalities to when a video player is integrated into a browser. With the tools you can extend on these functionalities, so they fit seamlessly into the app.

Video player SDK: when to use it

If you want to make sure the SDK is what you need, check if one or more of the following scenarios applies to you.

You have interactive video content that you wish to integrate into your app

You wish to use interactive video in your app and especially videos that react to actions that are taken within the app and vice versa.

You have video content that has to react in a way that is not standard for a video player

Some functionalities and actions are very specific for smartphone and tablet use, such as swiping your finger across the screen.

For example, apps that work with video players video-on-demand. These players work differently from the ones in a regular mobile or desktop browser. App video players adapt their functionalities to fit the use of an app, such as rewinding or forwarding a video.

You have video content and non-video content that have to react to one another

An app can contain content about one subject, but in multiple forms. So not just video, but also images, infographics, articles and research. To make sure users can navigate easily, you need to relate these items to one another. For example, by navigating from an article to a video and vice versa.

If you want to get started with the video player SDK today, go to our support page to find a step-by-step guide.


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