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Blue Billywig
Posted on December 8, 2020

Platform update – user-friendliness

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Blue Billywig works hard to offer our clients the best and most versatile Online Video Platform on the market. In line with this, we release an updated version of the platform every two weeks. In the last quarter, the development team mainly focused on improving the speed and efficiency of the platform, but this quarter shifted the focus to improving overall user experience within the platform.


Roles are now organised more clearly in the platform. Users are assigned one of four roles: admin, editor, publisher or analyst. The type of role determines which rights the user has in the platform. For example, an admin can access all functionalities of the platform and an analyst can only access the analytics & reporting sections.

Smart snapping in the Interactive Video Studio

Aligning interactive elements in the Interactive Video Studio has become even easier with the addition of smart snapping. With smart snapping, interactive elements automatically snap to the correct position in the video.

The smart snapping lines indicate the centre of the frame and show how elements can be best aligned relative to each other. For example, the lines help to place an interactive element exactly in the centre of the frame or on the same height as other elements. When an interactive element is placed near the centre or around other elements, it automatically “snaps” into the correct position.

Smart Snapping Interactive Video Studio

'Created by' and 'updated by' filters

It is now possible to filter media clips on “created by” and “updated by”. When multiple users work in the same publication, you can use these filters to search by name of the user who created or last updated a video.

AMP & oEmbed

There are two new standards for embedding video players available.

  1. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and this way of embedding is suitable for all users that run a website in AMP.
  2. oEmbed is suitable for all users who use, for example, Wordpress.