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Blue Billywig
Posted on February 25, 2021

Platform update – new features and improvements

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Read this update to learn about the most important new features and improvements to the platform. See the full release notes here.

Single sign-on

The platform now supports single sign-on. When implemented and configured within your organisation, users can log in with (Azure) Active Directory or a Google account. This means that users don’t need to create new accounts within the platform, making it easier to give and receive access to the Online Video Platform.

If your organisation could benefit from this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Upcoming video thumbnail

To make a clearer distinction between pre roll ads and main content, there’s a new option available to display the thumbnail for the upcoming video on the ad.

When this option is turned on, a small overlay appears in the bottom right corner of the video while the pre roll is playing, showing what content will be shown after the ad.

Keyboard shortcut Interactive Video Studio

Keyboard shortcuts make your workflow even easier, which is why we’ve added a shortcut that allows faster editing for interactive videos in the Studio.

Windows users can use ctrl + c and ctrl + v and Apple users can use command + c and command + v to copy and paste interactive elements, including all accompanying settings and conditions. This is possible between different videos and projects, but also between multiple browser windows and publications.