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Blue Billywig
Posted on September 28, 2018

Outstream Advertising SDK’s & VAST Tester

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Tags: Android, ios, video advertising

Video monetisation just became easier with the release of our iOS and Android SDK's for outstream video ads. Additionally, we are pleased to introduce an updated version of our VAST Tester.

Boost in-app revenues with video

Our outstream player can already run in any HTML based apps. The SDK's are a necessary addition for publishers whose apps are fully native. This ensures all the familiar outstream functionality will be possible, such as InView detection and AutoPlay mute.

IOS en Android SDK

The SDK's will enable publishers to seamlessly position their outstream ad formats within their native app content, adding a new monetisation channel to compliment the existing placements on desktop and mobile web.

If you are interested in using the SDK's for outstream video ads, please contact your account manager who will send you a zip file with the SDK's as well as implementation documentation.

Updated VAST Tester

We recently updated our VAST Tester, offering addtional functionality and in line with requirement of a Google Video Technology Partner.


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Get started with new features

If you want to learn more about the SDK's or the VAST Tester, do not hesitate to leave your contact details below.

Alternatively contact us at: Ph +31 (0)  35 8 20 02 80  | email