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Personalised video

Create a unique viewing experience for your viewers


Personalised video, also known as dynamic video, is video content that adapts to who is watching. This type of video is effective: on average, personalised videos have 8 times the completion rate of static video. Whether it's a personal greeting or a personalised annual statement: it's time to get personal. Watch the video and experience it for yourself.
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Why personalised video?


100, 1.000 or even 100.000 or more videos: link to your database and the data in the dynamic video will automatically adapt to each individual viewer. Offer all your viewers a unique video, regardless of video volume and without any hassle.

Increased conversion rates

Make your marketing campaigns even more effective. Personalised video is relevant to your viewers and increases conversion rates. Compared to linear video, personalised video in emails leads to higher click-through rates and six times more transactions.


The number of newsletters, ads and emails has increased enormously over the years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Relevance is key and with personalised video you stand out in the crowd. Surprise the viewer with a moment of personal attention thanks to content that suits their situation.

Personalised interactive video

Add interactive elements and take video personalisation to the next level. Offer your viewers more information that they can access through interactive buttons. This way, they can choose their own relevant topics. Creating personalised interactive video leads to higher customer satisfaction and completion rates for your video.

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Types of video personalisation

Types of video personalisation

personalised video scene

Scene personalisation

Having viewers identify with what they see has a positive impact on their experience and increases the feeling of relevance. With scene personalisation, the user is presented with surroundings that give them a familiar feeling. For example, displaying various home and family situations that match that particular visitors home life, or using actors of similar age and situation to the viewer.

personalised video text

Personalised text

Address your customers on a personal level by using their name, or take it a step further by using user data stored in the database. As an example, you could explain an invoice in video with figures that actually relate to the viewers' situation in order to give them a better understanding of their account.

personalised video audio

Personalised audio/voice-over

In addition to personalised images, it's also possible to personalise audio. In this increasingly globalised world, it's likely that viewers speak different languages. With personalised audio, the voice-over or audio track adjusts to the preferred language. This can be done automatically, if the language is stored in the user database.

personalised video image

Personalised images

Get creative with images and photographs in your personalised video campaign: surprise your viewers by having their profile picture show up on a billboard, create a wallpaper with pictures of their favourite pet or let your viewing audience be the headline in todays news. Let viewers upload their own images or use data from various social media platforms.

personalised video rendering

Realtime or rendered video

There are two options to create personalised video: real-time or rendering. With real-time personalisation the personalisation loads the moment the viewer presses play. Rendering a personalised video means that the personalisation is 'embedded' in the video. Instead of an overlay, the personalised elements are an actual part of the video. Read the blog to find out more about the two different ways of adding video personalisation.
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Video personalisation and GDPR

video personalisation GDPR


When creating a dynamic video, always keep in mind that you're using personal data and that this needs to be secure. In the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform the data process is entirely GDPR compliant. The data from the database is processed anonymously in the platform, so it's always protected.

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