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Outstream Ads & Instream Ads

Outstream video and instream video formats examples

If you're looking for a video advertising platform; look no further. Blue Billywig offers a wide range of customisable video ad formats suitable for all content types. Our player comes with a wide selection of outstream and instream ad formats, enabling publishers to build a successful and profitable video strategy. Advertisers and agencies benefit from the high impact nature of video advertising, ensuring high campaign performance and ROI. Below you'll find some examples of our most popular ad formats.

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Blue Billywig Outstream Video Suite


For publishers who don’t have video content, or for those who do but would like to a create additional supply - The Blue Billywig Outstream Video Suite provides solutions that enable you to benefit from the growing video ad market.

Inarticle demo

InArticle & Infeed advertising

The InArticle and Infeed advertising formats are the most popular of the outstream ad formats and offers publishers with premium editorial content a chance to monetize this inventory with video ads. The user remains in full control of whether to engage with the advertisement or proceed with the content.


Sticky floating demo


The Floating format offers a solution to benefit both publishers and advertisers, to improve ad performance while providing a cool user experience without interfering with publisher content.


360 video demo


360° Outstream video offers users a 360 degree video ad experience, encouraging engagement whilst providing a platform for advertisers to gain positive brand awareness.


Vertical Video demo

Vertical Video

Vertical Video is an impactful outstream ad format that integrates more effortlessly with mobile, ensuring a better user experience and providing publishers with better completion rates. Users are more engaged with vertical video.


Stayinview demo


The StayInView format is the brainchild of Blue Billywig, designed to increase outstream performance for advertisers on mobile devices, with a view through rate and overall performance similar to that of instream ads.


interactive ad demo


Our Interactive Outstream format fully engages the user, taking them on a personal journey and providing a fun and immersive experience.


inmenu demo


The InMenu format opens at the top of the webpage, with a large player creating a high impact and giving users the opportunity to engage with the advertiser before consuming the selected content.


Permafloat demo


The Perma-Floating format will begin floating as soon as an ad is ready to play whilst not actually being present in the content. The format boosts ad performance and provides a cool user experience without interfering with any of the content on the page.


InOverlay Demo


The InOverlay ad opens in an overlay when a user reaches the desired area. A high impact format with 100% viewability, the overlay dominates the webpage, with the user having an option to stop viewing at any time and continue with the content.



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Blue Billywig Instream Video

If you are a media owner already publishing video content, the Blue Billywig video advertising platform enables you to easily insert ad slots within your video streams. Our platform ensures the most optimal user experience, selecting the suitable ad format and highest quality streaming experience. The most popular instream ad format is the pre-roll, with mid-rolls, post-rolls and overlays also possible. 

pre roll video


A pre-roll is a video ad that plays immediately before the chosen content of the user. Advertisers will target content types or user profiles that suit the message they are trying to get across in allotted time slot. Pre-roll lengths are usually between 15 and 30 seconds long.




Adding a VMAP tag behind the player provides publishers with the opportunity to run TV styled ad breaks within their online video content. This feature is particularly interesting to publishers who run long form content, as it provides them with the opportunity to maximize the revenue potential of such content, by running multiple ad slots at various intervals within the stream.


post roll video


A post-roll plays after the chosen content has ended. While the post-roll may not acquire the same inventory levels as it's peers, they produce a significant impact as they have the benefit of being the last message a user consumes. Additionally, the user chooses to engage with post-rolls, giving it a higher conversion rate.



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