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  1. Inline video on the iPhone

    In 1878 Eadweard Muybridge first animated his racehorse images with his zoopraxiscope into something that looks like video as we know it today....

    13 april, 2015

  2. Video SEO: optimise automatically and easy

    We have looked into ways to make video SEO easier for our customers. And now we are pleased to announce that we have found one!...

    31 maart, 2016

  3. Using data in interactive video

    Today I’d like to explain a bit more to you about the different options you have when working with data in our interactive video module “Timeline”....

    9 mei, 2016

  4. 360° Video Technology

    We hebben een wereldprimeur: 360 video in Safari werkt nu ook voor de Iphone....

    13 december, 2016

  5. Frankwatching: interactieve video mythes

    Op Frankwatching lees je het complete artikel over interactieve video en welke mythes daarover de ronde doen.

    1 februari, 2018

  6. Video Analytics: the processing platform

    Initializations, views, percentage viewed, (unique) visitors: Just some of the terms and metrics often mentioned in relation to video analytics....

    15 augustus, 2015

  7. Floating player increases video viewability

    The floating player is available to all of our clients and in this article we'll explain how you can use it for your communication and marketing purposes.

    5 november, 2018

  8. Video advertising revenue optimisation

    Ad revenue is a large source of income. We show you how to improve your ad services strategy, to help you with video advertising revenue optimisation.

    9 oktober, 2015

  9. Live 360 video

    Je hebt live stream en je hebt 360 video. Deze twee worden steeds vaker gecombineerd. Wat het succesvol maakt?

    17 maart, 2017

  10. Aanrader: IAB’s Online Video Summit

    Op donderdag 9 oktober organiseert de taskforce Online Video van IAB Nederland het Online Video Summit. Gedurende de middag word je meegenomen in de wereld van online video en televisie....

    7 oktober, 2014

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