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  1. More on SEO: Deeplink tutorial

    You might have noticed that video SEO has popped up a couple of times in our blog posts recently. Given the importance of SEO to your business, let us delve...

    11 april, 2016

  2. Ad Services Update: Prebid Player Bidding

    Als een uitgever wil je waar voor je geld. Het optimaal inzetten van je video impressies is dus belangrijk, zodat je de meeste waarde weet te creëren....

    9 april, 2019

  3. The making of Dr. Love

    Wat begon als een simpele vraag (“doen we eigenlijk iets met Valentijnsdag?”), veranderde in de eerste, echte Blue Billywig Valentijnsvideo....

    18 april, 2018

  4. Skinning the Blue Billywig player # 2: Advanced controls

    The Blue Billywig video player already contains a skin that contains all functionality that you would expect from a video player, and can be perfectly tailored to your needs....

    6 januari, 2016

  5. Get ready for the launch: OVP7

    Het maken van een interactieve video is een flink project; het instellen van doelen en KPI's, het visualeren van de verschillende stappen in een flowchart en het meten van al...

    13 maart, 2019

  6. 7 tips for efficient interactive videos

    Creating interactive videos is as easy as pie. Especially when you use these 7 tips to get started with interactivity in our Timeline Studio.

    18 mei, 2015

  7. Big News! The introduction of a unique Player 5

    Blue Billywig proudly announces the introduction of our new Player 5 to your Video Management System!...

    11 juni, 2014

  8. Who’s afraid of VPAID?

    I would like to let you in on our advances in VPAID technology, sparked from the often-overlooked Javascript/HTML5 section of the VPAID spec.

    15 maart, 2015

  9. Debugging an AngularJS application

    Recently, we started development on the new version of our Online Video Platform. We decided to build OVP6 using Javascript, and specifically the AngularJS framework....

    9 november, 2015

  10. Skinning the Blue Billywig player #1: Basic controls

    In June 2014, we released our new online video player with version five. One of the biggest changes was an all new JavaScript API....

    16 oktober, 2015

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