Blue Billywig proudly announces the introduction of our new Player 5 to your Video Management System! With this release we provide our customers with the most complete, beautiful and fastest player anywhere available.

Player 5

Over the past six months our development team has been very busy to build a complete new player. A team of experts has gone through a very thorough testing process for months, whereby more than 16,000 test cases through 26 different devices and browsers took place to make sure the player runs smoothly at anytime and anywhere.

This new HTML5 video player uses HTML5 as primary technique with a modular structure, but other playback techniques like Flash or YouTube are also supported, depending on which technology suits best for each asset (also for commercials). The YouTube option enables you to use YouTube within your own player.

The entire development process was focused on rebuilding existing functionalities, but a whole bunch of new features were added along the way to Player5. It features a brand new and modern design, a very extensive API and the new architecture enables us to develop new features on an even faster pace.

Incredible speed

The Players’ size has been reduced to only 150Kb, 79% smaller than our previous player. Viewers will be seeing the player much faster than before. Even on slow connections, they will be getting visual feedback to prevent them from leaving the content.

Brand new design

The new player features a complete new, modern design providing for a beautiful frame to display your content. It’s completely customizable to perfectly blend into your website. Even on high resolution displays like smart mobile devices, all icons and graphics will remain razor sharp.


Our API has been completely redesigned and has more functions than ever before. Control the player from your website, create custom skins yourself, integrate the player in external environments and build dynamic and interactive applications which will seamlessly work with the new player. Take a look at our documentation for more information.

And more …

A lot of bigger and smaller improvements such as an audio thumbnail, iPhone advertising, user-friendly controls for touch devices, seamless asset switching, extended Google Analytics support, more choice for native controls on touch devices and improved quality selection.

Future Features

In the upcoming months, the player will be even further enhanced with new features like personalization, Chromecast support, dynamic interaction, web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG), mainroll replay, adaptive streaming, DRM, 4K streaming, and a player skin SDK.

For more information or a customized offer, please call +31 (0) 35 820 02 80