About SDU

SDU is a multimedia publisher offering tools and up-to-date information to professionals who work with legislation and regulations, like governmental institutions, lawyers, and tax specialists.

Industry Publishing
Company size 650+
Headquarters The Netherlands


Improve accessibility for local council websites
Increase customer satisfaction
Create videos that fully comply with accessibility guidelines

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This video is in Dutch.

How SDU uses our Online Video Platform

“The Netherlands is home to 344 municipalities, and each municipality abides by the same laws and regulations. Citizens can go to the town hall or online to handle their municipal matters, like requesting a passport, registering a birth, or registering a marriage. In order to provide citizens with the right information, each municipality has a website that explains their processes and answers frequently asked questions. SDU wanted to optimize the written pages with videos. Since all of the municipalities offer the same services, SDU was looking for a way to scablably create videos that follow web accessibillity guidelines and can easily be used by each municipality in their own local branding.

Scalability through customization

Five videos have been created for the use of the municipalities. Each video contains the same basic information for every municipality, but to ensure that the videos match their branding, each player and its basic interactive buttons can be adjusted.

WCAG Proof

Since accessibility for all citizens is key, each video is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Features like captions, keyboard controls, and adapable playback rate were utilized to make the videos easy to watch for everyone.

Interactivity to improve user friendliness

Each video is interactive, allowing the viewer to navigate through the video like they would with a website, and access to information is simplified as the user can view the information most relevant to them by answering questions within the video itself. “

What SDU has achieved

Using these videos, local councils improved access to support and helped citizens get the information they need faster than before. The videos get very enthusiastic reactions from both the local councils and the viewers, and they describe the videos as accessible, up-to-date, and very informative.